By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“I sure am loving my Sterling Irons®.

I just played my 4th round with them yesterday (only 9 holes) and hit 88.9% GIR! I only missed 1 green, and ironically it was a 185 yard par-3 where I used a 5-iron and flew the green by 10 yards because it actually hit that much FURTHER than what I was used to with my previous set!

So I’m still getting used to the distances with the Sterling Irons® but each round is definitely an improvement over the last. My 2 previous rounds were 67% GIR (2nd round) and 72% (3rd round), and now 88.9% (albeit only 9 holes).

For comparison, in the past I think my best round ever in my life was maybe 75% GIR with my average being around 50%.

Iron play has never been a strong area of my game. Driving, chipping, putting – no problem. But everything in between with my irons is what has always gotten me in trouble. It looks like these Sterling Irons® are just what the doctor ordered!”