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May 31 2018

Hitting Long Irons Too Low

2018-11-21T14:02:46+00:00By |Full Swing, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you’re hitting a lower-lofted Sterling Irons a little bit too low and you need a little bit more height, or you’re just not holding greens and coming in too low, I’ve got a couple things that can hopefully help you with that to get that height with the lower-lofted clubs, so that you get up in the air a little bit more and can hold those greens. So, the first thing is a technical thing. Now, typically, in the golf instructional world, we’re often told to come into with some amount of shaft lean, and what that [...]

May 24 2018

How to Play a Plugged Lie in Bunker

2018-12-03T07:54:36+00:00By |Bunker Shots, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you have been on the golf course and face the situation where you've got a plugged bunker lie and you either didn't play it too well or you just struggled with those shots. In general, you don't really know what to do, I've got five things here for you that can hopefully help you play those a little bit better. So, the first thing is just making sure you have a basic understanding of the components of the wedge and what they do because understanding this can be important for being able to effectively play the shot. [...]