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Oct 31 2016

I eventually bought a set of Sterling Irons in September after quite a lot of thought

2018-12-18T16:01:01+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   "I eventually bought a set of Sterling Irons® in September after quite a lot of thought. I had been playing the 560MC’s for about 5 years and was very happy, however the intrigue of the Sterling Irons® took over. So how have they performed? Well, before I bought them, I was playing off 9 and a quick look at my scoring tells me that my average score this year up to then had been 79.9. ...Continue Reading

Oct 11 2016

Nice looking irons!

2018-12-18T16:40:25+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   Nice looking irons! These #singlelengthirons will definitely help golfers vs a conventional progressive length set...but the custom fit performance of Sterling Irons® #singlelenghirons will be very hard to beat!

Oct 2 2016

These are the best irons I’ve ever had and can’t imagine playing with anything else

2018-12-18T16:46:15+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   "These are the best irons I've ever had and can't imagine playing with anything else. I've bought and used 8 different sets of irons within the past 2 years by all the big names in golf but just wasn't satisfied. My irons have never been this consistent!" - Kevin H https://sterlingirons.com/testimonials #singelengthirons