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Nov 28 2017

Thank you for a brilliant design

2018-11-30T19:47:51+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   "Thank you for a brilliant design. I started playing golf in May this year, I'm 40 yrs old, and playing at 14 handicap at the moment. The Sterling Irons® are so easy to swing, go straight, and look really classy. The 8 iron goes like a rocket off the face to 150 yds. Also, for the first time, I played shot after shot with the SW and GW without thinning (My main error) and even popped a few flop-like shots up high with the LW with the blade open. I normally have no pitching game, [...]

Nov 28 2017

There are two primary decision making factors for choosing between graphite and steel

2018-11-30T19:43:27+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   Wishon's Wisdom: "There are two primary decision making factors for choosing between graphite and steel. First is the major effect that shaft weight has on the total weight of the clubs. While there are steel shafts that weigh as little as 75-85 grams, the vast majority of steel shafts weigh in the area of 110 to 125 grams. And while there are some graphite shaft models as heavy as 125 grams, the whole reason graphite was developed as a shaft material was to reduce the weight of the shaft. o the vast majority of graphite [...]

Nov 28 2017

The Shaft – The Engine of the Golf Club or Not?

2018-11-30T19:39:28+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   By Tom Wishon After this many years in the golf equipment industry, I must say if I had a dollar for every time I have heard a golfer, or even a clubmaker, say the shaft is the engine of the golf club, it would probably pay for a pretty nice dinner with a good bottle of wine! To say that the shaft is the engine of the golf club is to infer that the shaft is the most important component of a golf club. And no doubt, those who would vote in the affirmative have [...]

Nov 16 2017

I‘m over 50 and in my third golf season

2018-11-30T22:13:11+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   "I‘m over 50 and in my third golf season. I switched from a standard iron set to Sterling Irons® single length early this year and my iron play has improved a lot. A few weeks ago I even dropped my 60 and 56 Wedge and replaced them with the Sterling Blade Wedges and from the first moment they both were incredible easy to play. So now my favorite clubs in the bag are all Sterlings" - Karl https://sterlingirons.com/testimonials-single-length-irons/