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Sep 21 2018

I just won our senior club championship (net) this past Sunday

2018-11-27T17:59:09+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   "I just won our senior club championship (net) this past Sunday. I had a couple of range sessions and one 9 hole round with my new irons before the tournament. I shot an 81 from the blue tees @ Gentle Creek CC (72.2/134 6813 YDS.) for a net 66. This was probably my best round this year, and I had no score worse than bogey. Thanks for making a great set of irons" - Tym https://sterlingirons.com/testimonials-single-length-irons/ #sterlingirons #singlelengthirons #testimonials

Sep 18 2018

When you go single length, it’s hard to go back

2018-11-27T17:59:21+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   "When you go single length, it's hard to go back. On a recent trip where I chose not to bring my clubs, I ended up playing a couple of rounds (one at Pasatiempo - what a fabulous course!) with borrowed conventional clubs of good quality. It drove me crazy trying to make consistent contact. Long irons were often hit high on the face so they came up way short, and I had to force myself to stay down on wedges. It was so annoying having to think about which club was in hand. Being back [...]

Sep 18 2018

I am finishing up on my 3 summer of playing the Sterling Irons®

2018-11-27T17:59:24+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   "I am finishing up on my 3 summer of playing the Sterling Irons® and I thought I would give an update to all of those that are thinking of giving SL irons a try. My game has continued to improve and I cannot think of a reason to go back to VL irons. I always laugh when I hear all of the nay sayers that haven't given them a try. I'll admit, they are probably not for everyone, but they really simplified the game for me and I feel like I can get away without [...]

Sep 6 2018

Recommendations for single length irons

2018-11-27T17:59:29+00:00By |Facebook|

By Sterling Irons® Facebook   Since @b_dechambeau has been playing so well recently, lots of golfers have been asking me about recommendations for single length irons. I love the look of the @sterlingirons clubs, especially with their money back guarantee. Their website is here - https://bit.ly/2MUvTLS