By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“I really think you’re on to something here, and have done a great job with these. I built my set out last week and have played twice with them.

Here’s my review:

36.5 length, D1, Project X 95 steel shafts

As good as any iron on the market, nice setup behind the ball inspires confidence.

Terrific soft feel of the ball coming off the clubface, sound equally good.

As good as my current OEM clubs. My distances are nearly identical to my current clubs. No longer and no shorter.

This is where the product really shines. Distances are amazingly consistent. Likely because I hit the sweet spot every time, which of course is the logic behind this. Ball striking was amazing, I can’t hardly miss an iron and when you hit it sweet each time amazing things happen.

Accuracy is spot on!”

– Tom D