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Feb 9 2021

First Generation is Wrapped Up!

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We’ve officially wrapped up sales of our first generation of Sterling Irons® single length irons! Although initial concepts had begun years prior, the official design of our innovative set of golf clubs began back in October 2013. When we finally launched the website in March 2016 after 2.5 years of continued research, developing, and testing, we knew we had brought the single length iron market to an entirely new level. Feedback was incredible in the industry and, when combined with the unanticipated emergence of Bryson DeChambeau, we were really able to help a lot of golfers improve their games. We [...]

Aug 20 2020

Jaacob Bowden on GOLFWRX

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By Swing Man Golf Staff Jaacob Bowden recently wrote an article for GOLFWRX about 'How to add muscle and gain more distance than Bryson." Read the full article here, and see his tips for your own transformation!      

Mar 29 2020

Sterling Irons Update

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Due to government COVID-19 regulations in the state our Sterling Irons are assembled, our club builders are being forced to cease building until April 5th. Keep your orders coming, and we will be back to business in no time! Don't forget the current promo code to save 10% on your order-  vaccinateyourgame

Mar 26 2020

COVID-19 Savings for For Game!

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Most us have now heard about the consistency benefits of using single length irons. One ball position. One setup. One swing. The concept makes sense, right? The Sterling Irons® single length irons are widely considered the best performing out there. Try them out in March 2020 and get 10% off. Just use promo code: vaccinateyourgame   If you’d like to read them, Jaacob Bowden, PGA has made a few recent blog posts on his personal website. Jaacob Bowden in PGA Magazine Industry Integrity and Getting Custom Fit Visiting John Marshall and My Full Swing The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail [...]

Jan 14 2020

#sterlingirons #singlelengthirons #testimonials

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"Just wanted to add to the chorus of people that have found improvements in switching to Sterling Irons, I started playing them last Feb. While my true handicap has come down by three strokes, my simulator handicap is now down by 6 strokes (from 5.9 to +0.5), best round is a 66 on the St Andrews Old course off back tees! Since the simulator really measures iron play more than anything else I think that's a testament to the Sterling Irons". -RT https://www.sterlingirons.com

Dec 11 2019

Save 10% on Sterling Irons

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In the spirit of the holidays, we would like to give you the gift of a better golf game with 10% off on the purchase of Sterling Irons® single length irons via https://www.sterlingirons.com if you buy between now and December 31st. All the clubs feel the same. All the clubs set up the same. Single length irons are inherently more consistent than conventional variable length irons. Single length irons make sense for more consistent iron play. Sterling Irons® separate themselves with our innovative design, peak performance, and quality control (Ex. we hand check each loft and lie angle before it [...]

Dec 2 2019

Cyber Monday Savings!

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On behalf of all of us at Sterling Irons® single length irons, we hope you had very happy Thanksgiving weekend! As you know, this is a big shopping time for many people As such, we would like to offer you 10% off on the purchase of Sterling Irons® single length irons via www.sterlingirons.com if you buy between now and Cyber Monday on December 2nd, 2019. Simply use the code below during checkout to receive your discount!

Jul 18 2017

Can your company offer that?

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Sterling Irons Single Length Irons vs. Cobra One Single Length Irons   Hi, I am Tom Wishon and I am a career club head designer. I have been designing club heads since 1986, during which I've had the pleasure to create designs for over three hundred and fifty (350) different models of club heads. One of the more recent models I have had the opportunity to design were the Sterling Irons Single Length iron. Jaacob Bowden and I debuted the Sterling Irons Single Length irons in spring of 2016. Well, in the last year one of the major golf club [...]

Apr 11 2017

Callaway Steelhead XR

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Callaway keeps finding ways to improve everything they do. The new Steelhead XR irons perform like a game improving iron should. Callaway has coined the phrase, “Signature shape meets breakthrough performance” and boy are they right. Their industry-leading next generation 360 face cup deliver the perfect combination of speed, forgiveness, distance and control in a Callaway iron. When they are talking about distance, they mean distance. As a single digit handicapper, I can carry my 8 iron between 160 and 165 yards. When I hit the Steelhead XR’s 8 iron, I was carrying between 169 and 175 yards. The pop [...]

Apr 9 2017

Titleist 716 AP2

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It was that time of the year when I started shopping around for new irons, I naturally started with the company that has the reputation for producing the best clubs in the industry. The Titleist 716 AP2 irons are just plain and simply put as, “pure.” As a former Titleist 710 AP2 set owner, I was shocked at the new technology from just a few years difference. The way they feel when you first pick one up, you will feel a solid club in your hands. That solid feeling you might notice right away is because the 716 AP2’s use [...]