By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“Dear Sterling Irons® Team,

Wanted to let you know that I’m very pleased with my new irons.

Did some solid gap testing today on my simulator (see attachment) and the outcome was quite to my liking.

1. Gapping

I’m pretty much producing the same gaps as I’m used to with my Titleist AP2 irons. Avg. 10-13 yards between all clubs.

2. Distance

No problems across the board here either. Very similar to my Titleist AP2’s.

I was expecting that the longer-as-usual high-lofted clubs would go a bit further than usual, but they didn’t. I was also expecting that the shorter-as-usual low-lofted ones wouldn’t go the distance, but also no problems at all.

I even gained a few yards starting at my 7-iron (+ 3 yards), 6-iron (+ 4 yards), 5-iron (+ 5 yards). I think it’s due to me swinging it a bit faster (and with more confidence) than I would normally do as the irons progress in length.

3. Consistency

My 8 iron (0,5 inch longer than standard) used to be my favorite in the bag and the one I always could rely on to exactly produce the same distance over and over again. On the course I’m favoring my 160 yards for the approach shot.

So, when I first heard of the existence of the one length 7/8 irons, my first thought was: ‘OK great! More options for very consistent and reliable approach shots!’. And, now that I’ve been testing, my conclusion is that what I hoped would be true now is true! Especially the lower-numbered clubs are fantastic.

4. Dispersion

Very, very pleased with the dispersion of the lower-lofted clubs. Because of better control due to the shorter length of the clubs (and the bigger offset I think) I haven’t hit a single ball right of aiming point (and I’ve hit quite a few)!

A constant draw; every ball was either dead on target or left of aiming point.

For me one of the biggest plusses of these clubs: being able to only have to worry about how far left of aiming point the ball will end up on the course is a huge bonus. No more pushing and/or slicing the ball ever.. Fantastic!

In conclusion:

Congrats on a quality job! Can’t wait for my 4-iron to arrive too!

BTW: knowing what I know now I would even be willing to have paid double

Best wishes from the Netherlands,

C Verpalen”