By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“Sterling Irons® vs. In1Zone shootout – no contest.

I bought a few In1Zone single-length heads, thinking it would be nice to have a value-priced option for people who are put off by the price of premium clubs.

I built them with graphite shafts that I know well, having played with them on my own set for years, to the same specs as my personal Sterling Irons® set.

I hit about 50 shots on the range, using my (soft) game ball, not range rocks.

After a few shots I was able to hit reasonably good shots, but they never felt good. I really wanted to like the In1Zones, but I just didn’t. I had to stop hitting them because my hands were hurting. Even flushed shots didn’t feel right, nothing like the pure feel of Sterling Irons® heads.

I had to spend the next half hour hitting one of the Sterling Irons® to erase the terrible [In1Zone] feel from my hands.

Design and metallurgy matters. Tom Wishon is the master.”

– Mitch B