By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“More feedback on my Sterling Irons®.

This weekend I was paired with a club pro for a quick 9. I was talking to him about my single length set, and I could tell his reaction was “cheap junk gimmick”. He was a tremendous ball striker and clearly an accomplished pro. Hole by hole, as I hit one baby draw after another he started to become intrigued. He pulled one out of my bag and took a closer look. He said, they seem to have a nice sound coming off the ball.

We came to a 185-yard Par-3, so I said let’s do a little experiment. Hit your normal club then hit the equivalent in the Sterling Irons®. He was using a Titleist Players iron set, not a blade. He hit his six and seven, then hit the six and seven from the Sterling Irons® set.

He said wow these have tremendous feel, and higher ball flight.

We approached the green and he had hit the six over the green as expected, and there was the Sterling ball he hit just 3 feet from his Titleist. The two 7 irons were both on the green and also within a yard of each other.

You’ve nailed the yardage gap issue with these, it just doesn’t exist. His and my distances are near identical to standard OEM irons, and feel is off the charts good.

All I can say is you’re on to something here…”