By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“I would like to personally thank you and your team for all your time and hard work on the Sterling Irons® project. I got my Sterling Irons® (5H – GW) in May. I am 55 years old and play to about a 12-15 handicap. I have played golf since I was 32, and was a Mizuno guy all the way. I have always been a person who thought outside the box, and tried new things. When Bryson DeChambeau hit the scene I was very interested in his clubs. I even wound up playing an Edel putter.

After a lot of research I found you and your company. I went and was fitted for the Sterling Irons® and was amazed at how – after just 10-15 minutes of hitting the irons, I was not at all focused on the length of the club, but on the feel of the club.

I have really enjoyed the clubs and have shared them with someone new every time I go to the driving range. I love to hand them my 6-iron, and watch them hit it really long. When I explain the concept to people, most of them say, “it makes sense to me!!”

This summer my 16 year old son played in 8 tournaments. Four of those he played his OEM irons, and the other 4 he played my Sterling Irons®. We saw a great improvement in greens hit, and he said he loved the look and the way the club got through the turf. We are preparing to get him fitted for a set of Sterling Irons®. Maybe we will be the first Father Son Duo for Sterling Irons®!!

Neither I, or my son saw any distance problems or gaps in our play of the Sterling Irons®.

I urge all of you golfers out there who are not traditionalist, to give the Sterling Irons® a try. I think you will find, as we did, that being in one position for all your irons, is so much more comfortable, and the feel of all your irons being the same is indescribable.

Thank you for Blessing Us with a great Product, and for never being satisfied with the limits of what Golf Club Making can be for all of us who love this great game.”

– Barry K