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Aug 23 2018

Golf Ball Position With Irons: Single Length Irons

2018-11-21T14:01:54+00:00By |Full Swing, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript One of the primary reasons people decide to switch over to single length irons is that the concept makes sense for more consistency. When you play with a variable length set where you have a wedge, this one, like – and then you go up your eight-iron, and then your six-iron, and then a five-iron, they’re getting longer in length, and you play those in different ball positions. With single length irons and they’re all being in the same length, you can play them in the same ball position, but a question we’ll get sometime is, what ball [...]

Jul 26 2018

Are Your Golf Irons Coming Up Short?

2018-11-21T14:02:07+00:00By |Full Swing, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you’re having an issue of coming up short with your irons on your approaches with your single length irons or your regular irons, we’ve got a few things to touch on here that can hopefully help eliminate that problem for you and you can be getting the ball all the way to the flag more often and saving yourself less bogeys and giving yourself more birdies and just shooting a lower score. So, the first thing I would say or advise you of is to play for your average and not your best shot, So, with a [...]

Jun 28 2018

Struggling With Fairway Iron Shots

2018-11-21T14:02:20+00:00By |Full Swing, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you’re struggling with hitting your Sterling Irons or your irons in general from the fairway from tight lies, then I’ve got a few things here that can hopefully help you out with that. First of all, I want to say, as a pro now, I remember in high school and college when I was 14, 16, 18, 20 handicap that these particular shots, I actually preferred having the ball just off the fairway in the light rough or in the first cut there, or in just some light rough because then it oftentimes would sit up and [...]

May 31 2018

Hitting Long Irons Too Low

2018-11-21T14:02:46+00:00By |Full Swing, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you’re hitting a lower-lofted Sterling Irons a little bit too low and you need a little bit more height, or you’re just not holding greens and coming in too low, I’ve got a couple things that can hopefully help you with that to get that height with the lower-lofted clubs, so that you get up in the air a little bit more and can hold those greens. So, the first thing is a technical thing. Now, typically, in the golf instructional world, we’re often told to come into with some amount of shaft lean, and what that [...]

May 17 2018

Hitting Irons Left of Target

2018-11-21T14:03:07+00:00By |Full Swing, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you’re hitting your sterling irons way to the left, then I’ve got three things here that can hopefully help you string those shots out. So, first is to check the club’s lie angle, and the lie angle is this angle from the shaft to the hosel, to the bottom of the clubface here, so that angle is really important because you put this magnetic tool in here that shows where the clubface is pointed. If you come through squarely, then the shot is going to start out in the direction hopefully that you want it to, assuming [...]

May 17 2018

Hitting Irons Accurately

2018-11-21T14:02:51+00:00By |Full Swing, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you are hitting your sterling irons reasonably well from a consistency standpoint for distance but you are struggling a little bit with the accuracy, hitting a little bit left, hitting a little bit right, I’ve got some three things here that can hopefully help you with that. So, the first thing is it’s important to check the angle on your irons. Maybe it’s just one iron or two irons that you are hitting two of them left, and then the others are okay. So, one of the first things you just do is check that lie angle, [...]