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Introducing: Sterling Irons® Single Length IronsThe Ultimate Irons Customized Specifically For Your Height And Swing Stance That Allow Your Body To Naturally Follow It’s Perfect Biomechanical Swing And Drop Your Scores Faster Than You ever Thought Possible!

Here Are The Hidden Secrets Why Sterling Irons®Single Length Irons Will Have All Your Buddies Asking About Your New Clubs As Their Jaws Drop From The Scores You’re Beating Them With.

**All Sterling Irons™ single length irons have the exact same flex, lie angle, weight and length so you’ll only focus on one swing instead of having to learn 8 different iron swings.

As a perfect example: If you were to get a top firearms expert to tell you how to arm your home, he would say to have several units of the same gun. So, if you chose Colt 45’s then you’d only have Colt 45’s around the house.

This way when something goes bump in the night and you pick one up tired and sleepy, you know what you have in your hand and you know how to use it. To quote a saying where the author is unknown ~ Beware the man with one gun – he knows how to use it!

That’s your massive benefit with Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons. They all have the same setup, swing and ball position for every shot. So, when you put any club in your hands, you know what you’ve got and you know how to use it.

**Having Identical length and lie lets you to have the same stance, posture and even the same swing plane which are the factors that allow you to only need just that one swing no matter what shot you’re taking.

There is another old saying by an unknown author that perfectly illustrates the power of this concept and that is ~ Do one thing – but do it very well.

So, when you only have to use one swing, you can get very, very good at it.


“Your swing from club to club is simpler”

By Golf Digest

My 2nd tournament with the Sterling irons. Win. Last win with “normal” irons, 3+ years ago.

By Adam Bray

“Feels as solid as any iron to be honest I’ve ever hit”

“Quite a friendly set of clubs that I think any standard of player could use them”

By Mark Crossfield
“#1 Most Popular Golf Instructor"

"Trajectory control with the longer irons felt easier than ever"

"You won’t believe the amount of stress it relieves to go through a round of golf"

By GolfWRX

Look at what golfers just like you have to say about them...

  • “FYI to anyone wanting the Sterling Irons. I did not lose any distance. I was playing the Taylormade RSI 1 irons. I was hitting the Sterling Irons into a 10 mile an hour wind. Chip went to each shot and ranged me from where my ball landed and we calculated distance that way.

    My yardages were as follows:
    Sand Wedge 90
    Gap Wedge 105
    Pitching Wedge 120
    9 iron 133
    8 iron 145
    7 iron 155
    6 iron 165
    5 iron 174

    I am not a pro but we took 3 solid hits for each distance calculations. I do not take a full swing with my wedges more like 80 percent.


    They are so smooth and feel amazing.


    – Landon H, 13 Handicap, Wisconsin

  • “Really didn’t have a reason to get a new set, but was intrigued by the [single length iron] concept. The sum up my new set of Sterling Irons – Wow. I thought I would need to get accustomed to the new clubs. Not so. Hit them great on my first round. All my golf buddies want to hit the 5 iron to see how much distance they have to give up with the shorter shaft. In every case they get more. Thanks for the design.”

    -Gary S

  • “I played a round last Friday with the Sterling Irons. I must say, you have a winner there. As I’ve said previously, they’re really easy to hit. This week, I’m going to start introducing the irons to others to monitor their reaction.”

    -Stan M, California

  • “The single club length idea works for anybody across the board.”

    -Bryson DeChambeau, used single length irons to win the 2015 US Amateur and NCAA Championships in the same year, California

  • “Got my Sterling Irons 5-iron built and hit it. So far, very good. Very impressed.”

    – Rich H, Florida

  • “Thanks to my absolutely stupendous and uniquely understanding wife Joanna for the early birthday gift!! Just what I always wanted…..a set of single length/single weight irons to my specs produced by Jim McCleery of McGolf in Ohio. Many thanks to Tom Wishon and Jaacob Bowden for designing a very interesting set of constant length/constant weight irons and to Jim for doing a superb job putting them together to my specs.”

    – Harry B, Maryland

  • “I have a set of Sterling Irons and absolutely love them. First round out with them I hit 5 approach shots over 140 yards within 5 feet.”

    – Kourtney K, 2 Handicap, Utah

  • “I was a little concerned that I would lose too much distance with the 5 and 6 irons and that the feel between my conventional set and the Sterling Irons would be difficult for me to adjust to.

    Frankly, I was surprised at my results.

    Once I got over the brief oddness of swinging such a shorter length 5-iron, I found that I was hitting it the same, if not with a little more distance than my current 5-iron which also has a high COR face.

    I believe this is because I was consistently hitting the Sterling Irons 5-iron more on the sweet spot with consistently improved tempo compared to more inconsistent sweet spot hits with my old longer shafted 5-iron.

    I hit about a 110 balls switching frequently between the various Sterling Irons, and the more I hit the different lofted irons, the more they felt the same, which I understand is the concept of single length irons.

    What I also noticed was my shot direction and dispersion were very consistently better than with my traditional length clubs, especially with the 5-iron.

    More GIRs is what I need to improve my scoring and I believe your Sterling Irons single length irons will help me to achieve this.”

    – C. Ritcher

  • “I have been waiting for someone to come out with a set like this ever since Bryson DeChambeau made a splash with his wins. I am glad to see that Mr. Wishon has put his vast club building expertise to this with Jaacob and come out with a set of single length clubs.”

    – Eric F

  • “Thanks for doing this, we all have been waiting for someone good to do it.”

    – David E

  • “Fantastic! I’ve been wanting to experiment with single-length for some time and can finally do so.”

    – Mitch B

  • “Since club length is vitally important….with a constant length, constant weight, when properly shafted…identical stiffness and club MOI, and the opportunity to hone in ONE iron club swing technique….no longer will irons be the issue preventing lower scores!!”

    –Al H

  • “I am extremely excited by this concept and would dearly love to get a set as I believe it could bring a new consistency to my game.”

    – Derek

  • “I love this concept, and if anyone in the industry is going to do the single-length iron concept the right way, it absolutely is Tom Wishon!”

    –Doug M

  • “Excellent. Can’t wait to bring these in. First set will be in my bag. Plan to put them into Fitting system. This will be huge!”

    –Doc G, Custom Club Fitter

  • “Mr. Wishon, I am very happy to hear that you branched out into this market. Especially if Jaacob Bowden has had an influence since I am a big fan of his as well. These irons will be my next set.”


  • “Take my money!! I want a set!!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting a single length club head to come out which allows for extreme lie adjustments (since I normally play 4° up), and which is also more of a thinner “player’s” profile. Looks like you nailed it with this design!”

    !– James

  • “This looks great. I can’t wait to give these a try.”

    –Steve T

  • “I understand the concept here and it does have a ton of merit!”

    – Gary B

  • “I have been interested in this concept for a couple of years myself, thank you for going outside the box.”


  • “I have been looking at single length irons for a couple of years, but have been looking for someone to do it properly. Suddenly all my dreams have come true with the Sterling Irons”

    -Peter S, 59 years old, 16 handicap, Australia


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