Testimonials from Our Customers about Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons

“I just won our senior club championship (net) this past Sunday. I had a couple of range sessions and one 9 hole round with my new irons before the tournament. I shot an 81 from the blue tees @ Gentle Creek CC (72.2/134 6813 YDS.) for a net 66. This was probably my best round this year, and I had no score worse than bogey.

Thanks for making a great set of irons”

– Tym

“Absolutely LOVE my new Sterling Irons. I love the way they feel, I love the way they look, and I love the way they perform. Eleven out of ten.”

– Cory

“When you go single length, it’s hard to go back. On a recent trip where I chose not to bring my clubs, I ended up playing a couple of rounds (one at Pasatiempo – what a fabulous course!) with borrowed conventional clubs of good quality. It drove me crazy trying to make consistent contact. Long irons were often hit high on the face so they came up way short, and I had to force myself to stay down on wedges. It was so annoying having to think about which club was in hand. Being back with my Sterling Irons (4I – LW) is such a relief!”

– Mitch B

“I am finishing up on my 3 summer of playing the Sterling Irons and I thought I would give an update to all of those that are thinking of giving SL irons a try. My game has continued to improve and I cannot think of a reason to go back to VL irons. I always laugh when I hear all of the nay sayers that haven’t given them a try. I’ll admit, they are probably not for everyone, but they really simplified the game for me and I feel like I can get away without practicing as much and still have a good feel for my swing since so much of the set up is the same.

I am 53 yrs old now, have played all of my life, and have been a 8-12 HC most of my life. I have gotten down to a 6 as of late and I only play about 25 – 30 rounds a year. Now if I have time to practice, I mostly putt and chip vs banging irons and drivers for hours.

Great clubs, thanks!”

– Ken

“I’ve had such great success with my Sterling Irons set, shooting my best rounds in years.”

– Jeffery B

“I’m 74 and hitting pretty much in the 80’s. Your Sterling Irons have given me the ability to play well again. Great clubs!”

– Jeff F

“Just a note on how Sterling Irons one length has changed my game. After having them in my bag for less than two months, I’m swinging easier with greater results. I just added the 5 iron and lob wedge. Golf is fun again and I can’t wait to see the improvement from round to round. Thanks!!”

– LeRoy

“I’ve had Sterling Irons for a year now, I’ve gone from a 12 handicap to a 3.5. These clubs are the best clubs on the planet, with getting fitted for these clubs I’ve have hit the purest golf shots of my life and I’ve been playing golf for 45 years and I am 49 years old. I am played all the major brands, these Sterling Irons I have are the best, just get fitted and your golf game will change forever with some practice.”

– John Kevin MCAnally

“It has been an exciting time playing with my Sterling Irons. It has been maybe 6 months or so and hitting the ball well. So here goes a new one for you perhaps.

I was playing in a local course here in Daytona Beach, Florida Spruce Creek golf club for a charity event to raise money for local Catholic schools and literacy.

On the tee box of the 10th hole was a sign describing the contest presented on the hole for the day. Note stated —- closest ball to the keg wins the prize so I thought challenge accepted. I used my GPS to get the 157 distance to the keg, grabbed my Sterling Irons 6-iron, and said to the guys I was playing with ‘Watch this’!

Great swing, great ball flight and low and behold the shot was absolutely perfect. As it was coming down I said —- it is going to be in the keg! Sure enough it landed exactly in the red bucket holding the keg!!!! I was so excited. My story now says I hit a “hole in keg” until that day comes when I can say hole in one!

I love my clubs and I love the game of golf


– Patty D”

“My clubs arrived yesterday, I like the look very much.”

I played a round after only hitting them for about 15 min on the range. (Obviously not the best thing to do). I’m surprised how much easier it is to hit the irons just because they’re 3/4 inch shorter than usual. I hit some shots that had a clearly better quality than my „usual“ iron shots. I struggled a bit with the 5 hybrid and whiffed it 2-3 times (I guess my subconsciousness saw the big head and said „whow! That’s a hybrid, you’re standing way to close, move back. NOW!“).

I’m already very happy with the clubs and I’m looking forward to the development of my game. I’m 21 handicap now (playing since 2013), I’ll let you know at the end of the season what happened.


– Thomas Z

“Thank you for a brilliant design

I started playing golf in May this year, I’m 40 yrs old, and playing at 14 handicap at the moment.

The Sterling Irons are so easy to swing, go straight, and look really classy. The 8 iron goes like a rocket off the face to 150 yds. Also, for the first time, I played shot after shot with the SW and GW without thinning (My main error) and even popped a few flop-like shots up high with the LW with the blade open.

I normally have no pitching game, but the SW was pitching nicely out to 50-75 yds. It was as if I had always been able to. So another weakness in my game instantly improved.

I have niggling back issues, upper and lower, and the longer length in the wedges feels so much more natural for me being a bit more upright.

I’m not exaggerating to say that the GW/SW/LW outperform and outclass my two Titleist Vokeys SM6s. They aren’t even in the same league. Both are destined for resale now…!

What a difference…

Sorry if this sounded a tad gushing, but I’m really pleased.

Thanks very much.”

– Matt T

“I‘m over 50 and in my third golf season. I switched from a standard iron set to Sterling Irons single length early this year and my iron play has improved a lot. A few weeks ago I even dropped my 60 and 56 Wedge and replaced them with the Sterling Blade Wedges and from the first moment they both were incredible easy to play. So now my favorite clubs in the bag are all Sterlings.”

– Karl

“I am 53 year old weekend golfer. I was fitted with a set of Sterling Irons…#5- sand wedge with 36 ½ in S2S Black 85 stiff shaft. I must confess there were times I would switch back to my Taylormade Speed blade irons when I was playing poorly. But eventually I would go back to the Sterling Irons where I feel the most comfortable using the same swing for every club. It did take some playing time to get over the awkwardness of the longer sand wedge, but it’s no longer an issue for me now. Prior to last weekend, I played several rounds of golf. Once again I find myself having a difficult time making good contact with the ball. I was going to switch back to my Taylormade Speed blade, but I decided not to. Instead I contacted the local PGA instructor Adam Aronson who I have taken lessons in the past with. Within the few min into the lesson, he was able identified the cause of the issue and had me make a slight adjustment in my backswing. The big test is to take the Sterling Irons and my new backswing to the golf course and see how well I do. I must say these irons are fantastic. I do not carry any woods or hybrid when I play. It’s strictly all irons. My best drive from the tee box with my #5 iron last Sunday was 217 yards with my current Z-Star golf ball. My best shot with my #7 iron was 189 yards. If anyone who are hesitant to buy a set of Sterling Irons, because you are afraid the long irons will not go as far as your tradition set, don’t be afraid. If you make good contact, the ball will fly.

– Best regards, Andy”

“I want to tell my story of the Sterling Irons so that others don’t make the mistake I did regarding “Brand Name” clubs.

About a year ago I was fitted and purchased the Sterling Irons and was becoming comfortable and starting to really like them. Soon after, Cobra came out with their King F7 One Length irons. Me being the new golf club equipment addict, I decided to purchase the King F7 One Length irons. I did not like the King F7 irons so I swapped my Sterling Irons shafts to the King F7 irons. I liked the King F7 irons a little better but not to the degree I liked the Sterling Irons. I ended up re-shafting the Sterling heads with the identical shafts as originally purchased and am very happy with the Sterling Irons. I can hit many types of shots which I could not do with the King F7.

It was a costly mistake to purchase the Cobra King F7 irons because they were a “Brand Name”. The Sterling Irons are far superior and a better club. My only reprieve is that I satisfied my curiosity albeit, at a high cost.

Many kudos to you for making such an excellent club with the Sterling Irons!

A very happy user of the Sterling Irons!!!

– Robert N”

“Love my Sterling Irons!!! Going to get the SW & LW this winter.”

– Kevin K

“I’ve had my SSL’s (Sterling Irons Single Lengths) for about six months now and they are amazing…my game is gradually improving…great concept and great to have someone challenging the established industry with scientifically based facts.”

– Thomas C, Denmark

“Hi Jaacob,

Just wanted to update you on my progress with the single length irons.

In October last year I was playing of a 3 handicap which I had been stuck on for many years, I was growing frustrated that I couldn’t seem to get any lower as scratch had always been s dream of mine, so I decided one last try with your Sterling Irons single length irons. I achieved success immediately lowering my scores.

I’m am pleased to say on Monday I shot a level par round and got to a scratch handicap.

I would like to thank you and Tom for creating a fabulous set of golf clubs.”

– Lee J

“I currently use the Sterling Irons 5h which I must admit is one of the best clubs I’ve ever had the pleasure of hitting.

I use it from distances of about 160 upto approximately 185 yards. It’s a little cracker for around the greens and I also use it for knocking the ball out from under trees ets.

If I was a low handicapper using a traditional set I would still like to have a little club like this in the bag it is just so versatile.”

– Peter

“It’s coming up to my one year anniversary with the Sterling Irons, so I thought I would do an update of my personal findings.

When I got them (end Sept 2016) I was 9 handicap. From mid-Oct to mid-Nov I dropped to 7 handicap, which wasn’t a co-incidence.

In March our club had the “5 day champs” (for 5 day members and other categories outside of full members, and this comp is for us). So it’s not the main event but still quite big and was lucky enough to win it. I have since been referred to as the “Bryson deChambeau” of Westlake.

I am currently playing off 5.6, which is my lowest ever. So as you can see they are working for me.

Some of my observations:

1. Long irons were immediately easier with no real adjustment needed.

2. Short irons (PW & GW) were initially harder to get used to. My problem I think was that I’d try to hit them too hard (a mental thing). Now (as you have suggested) I trust them, and the wedges are great. I think it’s called “patience”?

3. Long iron ball flight is a bit lower, but also straighter for me (not sure if those things are related?). It’s windy in Cape Town so it actually helps. Again if you accept it and trust it, the results are good.

So all in all, I’m loving the clubs.”

-Fraser, South Africa, 9 handicap to 5.6 handicap

“I have had my Sterling Irons for over a year.

Ross in Chilliwack built my set and they were the first set he sold.

My scores dropped 2 strokes per nine on the average. (nine hole course) The wedges are dialed in and are great. Accuracy accounts for my stroke reduction.

Best clubs I have ever owned. I do have the five hybrid and would not part with it.”

– Steve

“Sterling irons have been a great success so far for me.

I have never been able to hit 5,6 irons more confidently with good results.

I also can play around with ball positions with PW and GW to have different distances and trajectory with one clear view in mind that the shots will never come short!

Which is a great confident in the shot making given where I play, most of the golf courses are designed with couple of bunkers to protect the front and both sides of the greens.”

– Thang N

“After a bit of a learning curve, I’m hitting the ball better than I ever have in my 25 years of playing.

This morning I shot a 74, the low round of my life by 4 strokes. It was a ball striking 74, not a putting 74 as I took 31 putts.

One of the deepest pleasures of golf for me has always been striking quality iron shots. These clubs have dramatically increased the percentage of quality iron shots I hit, which of course has also significantly increased the amount of confidence I feel standing over the ball.

Gapping, distance, feel, everything about these clubs is working wonderfully for me.

Thanks for making them.”

– Barry D

“Just love my new Sterling Irons set! I do hit each iron about 10-15 yards longer than my older Ping G10 irons, but the largest benefit for me has been the reduced shot dispersion. I have never stood over a shot from 200 yards away and felt this much confidence that I am either going to be on the green or within 5-10 yards of it. For an amateur who has played for the last 28 years with an 11-14 handicap, there is just not a whole lot more I can ask for. Thank you Tom!”

– Andy P

“Just got my left handed Sterling Irons and LOVE THEM. Got 5-GW and hit them about 1 club father than my old set. Thanks Tom for making them left handed.”

– Ralph

“Single-length noticeably improved my accuracy with wedges. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

I attribute it to several factors.

The posture is always comfortable and relaxed – no need to bend down more and thus add tension, and those embarrassing sporadic “skulls” are virtually eliminated.

The setup – particularly the shoulder angle and eye position – is always the same, so “on-target” has only one “look”. I can now tell exactly where I am aimed, whereas before it seemed a little vague.

Until you try single length, you will always wonder “what if”. After you try it, you won’t even dream of going back.”

– Mitch B

“Have enjoyed playing the Sterling Irons for almost one year now and have to say these have exceeded my expectations in terms of both performance and build quality. You have managed to create tremendous value for your customers with this design”

-Tomas R

Bob Barron, Sterling irons benefits
“My one-year anniversary of using Sterling Irons is coming up soon. I love these clubs more every time I use them.Yesterday I hit 8 out of 9 greens in regulation and the one I missed was on the fringe.I’m currently playing 4I through LW at single length (the LW is from a different vendor while I wait for Tom’s to become available).I have done bake-offs between my Sterlings w/S2S white shafts versus various high-end irons from Mizuno, Titleist, Srixon, etc.The Sterlings win, feel-wise, every time.”
– Mitch B
“Hi Tom,I purchased a set of 771 CSI’s in 2015 and can happily say that they were the best irons that I had played. I also use a Wishon F/D, 5 wood and a pair of W/S wedges what a great set of clubs.Unfortunately (possibly) for me I then heard the whispers about the new single length irons.I had to try this concept and now play the 5h, 6-iron to GW as well as the aforementioned wedges and woods.I thought that the 771’s were good. Well the Sterling Irons are just superb.Whilst using your designed clubs my handicap has reduced from 22 to 13.8. That’s nothing much, some would say, but for an overweight, out of condition 56 year old who has been playing the game, on and off for 30+ years I pretty pleased.Whilst not all of the improvement is down to the Wishon Clubs, I have after all started to take the game seriously at last, I don’t believe that I could have achieved this improvement without using your clubs.I do believe that in the Sterling Irons you have created a club that can help most players to improve their performance and enjoyment of the game. As stated before they are superb and they really do make the game easier.Thanks very much Tom. It is my pleasure to be associated with the Wishon brand and I will recommend them to anyone that will listen to me.Thanks once again for your work.”
“I have the Sterling Irons in 5-SW and absolutely love them.”
“…had first range visit today. Just wanted to say how great they felt. Going to take a few more sessions to get fully comfortable but you can tell the quality right away.”
“The Sterling Irons’s are fantastic. Have a friend who switched from his Titleist blades to Sterling’s after trying them. Lucky enough to play with his for a good 6 months and am now saving to buy myself a set”
– Matt F
“I am a 3 index player, down from what used to be roughly +2 (1.83 at it’s lowest)…I went into the single length transition with an open mind. The Wishon’s blew the Cobra’s out of the water, and honestly, it wasn’t even close…gapping stayed true to what it usually is, without the added distance low”
“On the driving range my ball flight varied little with each club and the feel of each was pretty solid, the distance was about right throughout the set.”
– Devon
“As one client said, closer to the pin equals more birdies, less bogies and lower scores. He shot 73, 72 in his first 2 rounds and was a 6 hdcp.”
– John
“I am fitting the Sterling Irons for my Wishon customers who have Wishon variable length irons. Comparing the Flightscope data, single length are 25% better for shot dispersion and 50% better for distance control (with mid-handicap golfers with club speed mid-70 mph). This is a significant jump in consistency that my clients report carries over to their daily play.”
– Rod
“My back is doing remarkably better playing to the 7-iron length and losing the progressive lowering of my upper body as I move down in clubs. For me, and others like me with back issues, this may be a more realistic option than another new shiny standard set of irons.”
– Eric McKinnon
Single Length Irons, easy to hit smoothly
Single length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons, practice
Single Length Irons
Single Length Irons, incredible, smoother, straighter
New Single length Irons, 3-5 yards longer
Single Length Irons, hit better
Single Length Irons
“I have been playing your Sterlings since last April and love them, thank you again for helping me enjoy the game more.”
– Barry
“I received my irons on Saturday and drove from NC to FL for a week vacation. Instead of bringing my old familiar clubs I brought my new Sterling Irons. Today was range day and tomorrow on the course. I used the exercise suggested in the tips email. All I can say is wow! The balm explodes off the club face. I hit draws and fades. It’s only day one with these clubs but what a day.One thing I know is I have to trust my single set up. It’s not easy when I have the 5-hybrid but by the end of my session when I trusted it I was hitting exactly where I wanted. I’m 6’7″ and having a single swing plane is amazingly easy compared to traditional irons.Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!Next week I’ve got a session with my club guy using launch monitor to dial in yardages. I’m a 20+ handicapper but not much longer. It’s a hard game but even harder for tall guys. I’m also 52 and the graphite shafts you provided were also brilliant!You’ve made the game enjoyable for me to play!!”Thanks,
-George B
Single length Irons, great feel and performance
“Yesterday a couple of club members accosted me in the parking lot and started asking about single length irons. I grabbed a couple of Sterling Irons from my car and showed them. Both people commented that they liked the looks, especially the topline profile.”
-Mitch B
“I think you designed them perfectly. Great forgiveness combined with single length makes the game much easier which in turn lowers scores which is what we all need. I love the Sterling Irons and will play them until you design something better Haha.”
– Kourt
Single Length Irons, Best Irons
Single Length Irons, revolution
Single Length Irons, Best Irons
“Sterling Irons® vs. In1Zone shootout – no contest.I bought a few In1Zone single-length heads, thinking it would be nice to have a value-priced option for people who are put off by the price of premium clubs.I built them with graphite shafts that I know well, having played with them on my own set for years, to the same specs as my personal Irons® set.I hit about 50 shots on the range, using my (soft) game ball, not range rocks.After a few shots I was able to hit reasonably good shots, but they never felt good. I really wanted to like the In1Zones, but I just didn’t. I had to stop hitting them because my hands were hurting. Even flushed shots didn’t feel right, nothing like the pure feel of Sterling Irons heads.I had to spend the next half hour hitting one of my Sterling Irons® to erase the terrible [In1Zone] feel from my hands.Design and metallurgy matters. Tom Wishon is the master.”
– Mitch B
“I’m playing the Sterling Irons since December. The 4 iron – PW.I think I’m the first here in Germany who play the 4-iron and it is really unbelievable to hit the irons with 36.5 shaft as far as my old clubs with 0.25+ length.Thank you very much for the great clubs!”
– Volker, Germany
Dear Sterling Irons Team,Wanted to let you know that I’m very pleased with my new irons.Did some solid gap testing today on my simulator (see attachment) and the outcome was quite to my liking.1. GappingI’m pretty much producing the same gaps as I’m used to with my Titleist AP2 irons. Avg. 10-13 yards between all clubs.2. DistanceNo problems across the board here either. Very similar to my Titleist AP2’s.I was expecting that the longer-as-usual high-lofted clubs would go a bit further than usual, but they didn’t. I was also expecting that the shorter-as-usual low-lofted ones wouldn’t go the distance, but also no problems at all.I even gained a few yards starting at my 7-iron (+ 3 yards), 6-iron (+ 4 yards), 5-iron (+ 5 yards). I think it’s due to me swinging it a bit faster (and with more confidence) than I would normally do as the irons progress in length.3. ConsistencyMy 8 iron (0,5 inch longer than standard) used to be my favorite in the bag and the one I always could rely on to exactly produce the same distance over and over again. On the course I’m favoring my 160 yards for the approach shot.So, when I first heard of the existence of the one length 7/8 irons, my first thought was: ‘OK great! More options for very consistent and reliable approach shots!’. And, now that I’ve been testing, my conclusion is that what I hoped would be true now is true! Especially the lower-numbered clubs are fantastic.4. DispersionVery, very pleased with the dispersion of the lower-lofted clubs. Because of better control due to the shorter length of the clubs (and the bigger offset I think) I haven’t hit a single ball right of aiming point (and I’ve hit quite a few)!A constant draw; every ball was either dead on target or left of aiming point.For me one of the biggest plusses of these clubs: being able to only have to worry about how far left of aiming point the ball will end up on the course is a huge bonus. No more pushing and/or slicing the ball ever.. Fantastic!In conclusion:Congrats on a quality job! Can’t wait for my 4-iron to arrive too!BTW: knowing what I know now I would even be willing to have paid doubleBest wishes from the Netherlands,
-C Verpalen
consistent swing with your single length irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
“I have been an owner of these irons for about 3 months now.I have been withholding my review for awhile now and have played close to played 15 rounds of golf and hit close to 2500 balls on the driving range. My previous set of clubs were Mizuno mp32’s and it has taking me some time to get used to using same setup, same swing.When i finally got the muscle memory down for these clubs, man what a difference! I am more consistent, my carry distance is basically the same i.e Pitching W. 124y, my shots land softer, and i hit more greens. The tech in these clubs just plain work.I am by no means a professional and have a +12 handicap but in my humble opinion these clubs simply perform as promised.i urge anyone who is looking for a new set to pull the trigger and get you a set of Sterling Irons.Oh by the way looking forward to lowering that +12 which doesnt seem out of reach now…. great clubs!”
– Kenny, 12 Handicap
Sterling Single Length Irons
To the Sterling Irons® team!Just a quick message to say thank you very much for my irons. Not one for superlatives but they have radically changed my game.Whether its 80 yds or 170 yds it doesn’t matter I just swing the club the same and the result is now so much more predictable. I am actually playing golf rather than hitting and finding! The gapping is pretty spot on but I am very interested in a 4-iron as this is now where I have a gap in my bag.The pros at my local range have all had a try and I think you may have started a small revolution….Anyway thanks again. Let me know about the 4-iron…Best regards
James B
“The results on the indoor hitting were interesting.The 8I performed comparably; surprising since the TM RSi 1 is supposed to be a pretty hot face. But the real treat was the 5I. Man, oh, man, is it HOT. I was hitting it 15 yards farther with tighter dispersion.”
-Rich D
“After several months with Sterling Irons, I put them to the test in our club championship last week.I ended up with the lowest net score and third lowest gross – behind the state champion and a former pro who passed me by draining a hundred feet of putts in the last nine holes.All of my playing partners over the three day tournament remarked on the quality of my iron play.”
– Mitch B
Sterling Single Length Irons
“I too am a single length Sterling Irons® satisfied customer.I have been playing most of the season with mine (6-SW) and my HC has gone from 10.5 down to currently a 6.7. I too have had more rounds in the 70s than I have had over the last five years, including a 72, 74, 75 and 76. Prior to this year my low score was a 78 and I would usually shot 78 or a 79 2x a year, with other scores scattered in the 80s and 90s.I am tall and I really like playing the SW, GW, and PW at an extended length. My SW is the highest lofted club I carry and I choke down on it for those 30-60 yard pitches.Overall I just like the simplicity of the idea, same stance, same swing plane, same weight, good results!”
“I have been interested in this concept for a couple of years myself, thank you for going outside the box.”
– Darrell
“I understand the concept here and it does have a ton of merit!”
– Gary B
“This looks great. I can’t wait to give these a try.”
– Steve T
“Take my money!! I want a set!!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting a single length club head to come out which allows for extreme lie adjustments (since I normally play 4° up), and which is also more of a thinner “player’s” profile. Looks like you nailed it with this design!”
– James
“Mr. Wishon, I am very happy to hear that you branched out into this market. Especially if Jaacob Bowden has had an influence since I am a big fan of his as well. These irons will be my next set.”
– Stephen
“Excellent. Can’t wait to bring these in. First set will be in my bag. Plan to put them into Fitting system. This will be huge!”
– Doc G, Custom Club Fitter
“I love this concept, and if anyone in the industry is going to do the single-length iron concept the right way, it absolutely is Tom Wishon!”
– Doug M
“I am extremely excited by this concept and would dearly love to get a set as I believe it could bring a new consistency to my game.”
– Derek
“Since club length is vitally important….with a constant length, constant weight, when properly shafted…identical stiffness and club MOI, and the opportunity to hone in ONE iron club swing technique….no longer will irons be the issue preventing lower scores!!”
– Al H
“Fantastic! I’ve been wanting to experiment with single-length for some time and can finally do so.”
– Mitch B
“Thanks for doing this, we all have been waiting for someone good to do it.”
– David E
“I have been waiting for someone to come out with a set like this ever since Bryson DeChambeau made a splash with his wins. I am glad to see that Mr. Wishon has put his vast club building expertise to this with Jaacob and come out with a set of single length clubs.”
– Eric F
“Usually, I was shooting around 85mph or so with my driver before the training…so, just a few days ago I have reached the 110 mph club head speed”
-Zoltan N, North Carolina
My name is MP. Live in Hickory, NC. Played college golf at Clemson University. I’m the typical college golf grad that used to be pretty darn good, but not tour level. Enter the business world and lack of golf over the years.Fast forward to your Sterling Irons. I was intrigued. Made the decision to go get fitted recently at Leatherman Golf in Charlotte, NC. Worked with Mr. Curtis Seudy who nailed what shaft I needed and I ordered on the spot. Curtis would had made you proud.Fast forward to this past Sunday with my new Sterling Irons. Holy cow they are wonderful! I had my 5th round of the year and shot 73. Drove the ball pretty well, but the irons were pin seekers.I am 56 years old and played with blades off the rack early in my playing days. I have seen them all, but I truly believe this single length iron concept is the next advancement in golf. Makes perfect sense.With that, thank you for the design. These Sterling Irons are sterling and lots of fun to swing.The best of luck and I’ll pass the word,
“I was a little concerned that I would lose too much distance with the 5 and 6 irons and that the feel between my conventional set and the Sterling Irons would be difficult for me to adjust to.Frankly, I was surprised at my results.Once I got over the brief oddness of swinging such a shorter length 5-iron, I found that I was hitting it the same, if not with a little more distance than my current 5-iron which also has a high COR face.I believe this is because I was consistently hitting the Sterling Irons 5-iron more on the sweet spot with consistently improved tempo compared to more inconsistent sweet spot hits with my old longer shafted 5-iron.I hit about a 110 balls switching frequently between the various Sterling Irons, and the more I hit the different lofted irons, the more they felt the same, which I understand is the concept of single length irons.What I also noticed was my shot direction and dispersion were very consistently better than with my traditional length clubs, especially with the 5-iron.More GIRs is what I need to improve my scoring and I believe your Sterling Irons single length irons will help me to achieve this.”
– C. Ritcher
“I have a set of Sterling Irons and absolutely love them. First round out with them I hit 5 approach shots over 140 yards within 5 feet.”
– Kourtney K, 2 Handicap, Utah
Sterling Single Length Irons“Thanks to my absolutely stupendous and uniquely understanding wife Joanna for the early birthday gift!! Just what I always wanted…..a set of single length/single weight irons to my specs produced by Jim McCleery of McGolf in Ohio. Many thanks to Tom Wishon and Jaacob Bowden for designing a very interesting set of constant length/constant weight irons and to Jim for doing a superb job putting them together to my specs.”
– Harry B, Maryland
“Got my Sterling Irons 5-iron built and hit it. So far, very good. Very impressed.”
– Rich H, Florida
“The single club length idea works for anybody across the board.”
– Bryson DeChambeau, used single length irons to win the 2015 US Amateur and NCAA Championships in the same year, California
“I played a round last Friday with the Sterling Irons. I must say, you have a winner there. As I’ve said previously, they’re really easy to hit. This week, I’m going to start introducing the irons to others to monitor their reaction.”
– Stan M, California
“Really didn’t have a reason to get a new set, but was intrigued by the [single length iron] concept. The sum up my new set of Sterling Irons – Wow. I thought I would need to get accustomed to the new clubs. Not so. Hit them great on my first round. All my golf buddies want to hit the 5 iron to see how much distance they have to give up with the shorter shaft. In every case they get more. Thanks for the design.”
– Gary S
“I have my Sterling Irons set now for a little over a week and have played 4 rounds. They are a perfect fit for me. I’m 83 years of age and a 13 Handicap. The high loft clubs check up well and fly the same distance of my old high lofts. The 5, 6 & 7 irons are solid, the best feeling irons I have ever hit. The 5 iron I can count on 155 to 160 in distance. I received my 5 hybrid yesterday and played with it today. It is outstanding. Great off the ground and really good off the tee. Looking forward to a single digit handicap if I can putt as well as I’m hitting the Sterling Irons.”
– Fred Meyer
“The clubs feel great, very good short game feel, forgiving and provide good feedback, no distance loss on any club.”
– Kevin W
“I am happy to report I am purchasing the Sterling Irons. I want to thank you for researching the past few years in designing the Sterling Irons heads to eliminate the distance gapping problem for single length shaft lengths. It opens up the single length club to retail golfers like me.”
– Robert
Sterling Single Length Irons - Best Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
“I am a legally blind golfer. I purchased the Sterling Irons® single length clubs several months ago and was fitted by Paul Coon’s out of Redmond, Oregon. The consistency of the single link clubs has improve my game drastically consistency is very important to me being your visually impaired golfer. Prior to the Sterling Irons® on and 18-hole golf course here in Oregon I would shoot a 105 to 110. Now that I have the Sterling Irons® and have the same swing with every club I am shooting under 100 the last four times out I shot A 96, 97, 96, and a 99. Today I shot a 44 on a par 35 so the consistency of your clubs are working and it is a great product. Anybody who is ever doubted going to single length irons should not hesitate. The consistency really works and these are great product.”
– Britton Munoz, Blind Golfer, Oregon
“Tom, you may remember me from our conversations several months ago when I first inquired about Jaacob’s and your new Sterling Irons® single length irons. Though interested in this concept before that, my interest peaked after meeting and following Bryson Dechambeau at the RBC Heritage on Hilton Head Island in April. You kindly referred me to club maker Michael Lee Clark, among others.I’m ecstatic to report that, after being fitted by Michael and taking my new Sterling Irons® home this weekend, I stood on the practice tee yesterday, the ocean strangely placid just behind me in Pacific Grove, a little nervous about hitting my first shot. I absolutely “pure”-ed it (the 5-hybrid), straight as a stick and watched as it tracked perfectly at my target, the Point Pinos Lighthouse. When the ball landed, I stood back, bent over and laughed in glee.Following that remarkable, first-ever shot, I hit my new 6-iron (eager to see how it would respond with a shorter than conventional shaft length), then the gap wedge (conversely to see how it would feel with a longer than conventional shaft). The ball felt like it exploded off of the hard steel of the 6-iron, yet the feeling in my hands was comfortably soft. The wedge, given its softer face, felt very responsive, but certainly not mushy. The 5-hyrbid could not have felt better.Moreover, my swing speeds were good, with the light-weight shafts that Michael recommended (I bought the Zepp system on the way home from Berkeley so that I could verify swing speed). And the few off-center hits I made barely felt different from those I hit flush. I am very confident that these irons will work really well for me on the golf courseI believe that the relatively shorter-shafted longer irons will be a big help, and the longer shafted (relative to convention clubs) shorter irons will be no disadvantage.Regarding the distances, I am committed to making no comparison to conventional irons; rather, I have recently adopted the Arccos technology, so will, after five or ten rounds, know empirically and exactly how far I hit each of the irons and play them accordingly without any reference to how far I hit my conventional irons.This is all so much fun that it hurts!Michael could not have served as a better fitter. He was meticulous, exacting, thorough and fun. His enthusiasm for club-fitting and -making is contagious, and I learned a great deal from him during the experience. Swing weight, shaft frequency and so much more will never again be mysterious terms to me or used carelessly. Bravo Michael!And to you, Tom, I express equal thanks. I certainly didn’t expect to hear from you directly when I first inquired about the single length irons. By the way, I believe that the aesthetics of the Sterling Irons® is really beautiful—a lot better than my old Callaway irons.I’ll communicate once more after I actually play with my Sterling Irons®In the meantime, please pass on my thanks to Jaacob if you think about it. Coincidentally, I was at Bandon Dunes the day he shot 72 in 55 minutesin the Speedgolf World Championships. I didn’t see it personally, but a caddy walked into the pro shop just after Jaacob finished, shaking his head in amazement.”
– Richard B
Sterling Single Length Irons
“I just received my Sterling Irons® after shipping to Brunei, and I’d like to give you my first impressions, after a session on the range, and 9 holes this morning.I admit, after placing the order, I was somewhat nervous. Once I opened the box, a lot of my concerns evaporated immediately. The build quality is much better than the pictures on your website led me to expect. I’m replacing my Ping i25’s, and I am happy to report that the Sterling Irons® look better to my eye. Not too much offset, and nice thin top line.I took them to the range for some gap testing the old fashioned way. I started with the Gap Wedge, which flew nice and high, and landed right on the number at 100 yards. A couple more showed consistent distance at 100 to 105 yards carry…perfect. Gaps up to the 7 were consistently 10 to 12 yards between clubs.My nerves came back with the 5 and 6, and I didn’t strike them terribly well, my fault not the clubs. I’d hit my game balls and seen only a small increase in distance, but I knew it was me. I had a single range ball left, which I hit perfectly with the 5, to see it fly out to 180 yards. That’s about five yards further than my old 5 iron hit a ProV. So far so good.Out on course today, my concerns all evaporated, and I put my i25’s on eBay. Whenever I hit the Sterling Irons® well, they outperformed all expectations. My best was a 198 yard (into wind) 5 iron, straight (and then over) the flag. A couple of slight mishits I expected to be terrible, ended up much better than expected.In short, you have a winner. As a 10 handicap, I can’t see why any handicap golfer wouldn’t go down this route. I know they won’t solve all my Golf problems overnight, but there’s definitely one less variable to worry about.”
– Richard M, 10 Handicap, Brunei
“Purchased a set of Sterling Irons® a week ago. Prior to that I played four rounds with a demo set here in British Columbia. I play 175 rounds a year and was using Ping G5 clubs.Findings:The Sterling Irons® are about one club longer than the Pings.– very easy to hit– accurate, in fact very accurate– be patient with the wedges and shot shots chips. Takes a bit of getting used to.Conclusion:The clubs allow for an easy swing plane that results in great shots.Yardage gaps 10-12 yards between clubs. I have played for 20 years and these are the easiest clubs I have ever struck. Don’t buy these irons for yardage gains. They were made for accuracy and consistency. The longer you use these the better they feel.”
– Steve, British Columbia
“These are absolutely beautiful and the build quality is amazing!!!Let’s get into the review.The irons look very nice and very much like a players club. They have a biggish face which makes them appear very easy to hit but the top lines are not huge and the sole is very playable, not huge but not blade like either. Just a very good mix.The build quality on these clubs is outstanding. Hat tip to Mr. Wishon. When I hit them they feel as good as any iron I’ve hit and I’ve gone through my fair share!These are built to an 8 iron playing length, 36.5″. After going back and forth a few times I landed on stiff flex UST Mamiya Actionlite shafts. Because these are all .370 parallel tip we tip trimmed them to 6 iron length, yep they are soft stepped 2 clubs, to get them to play more like firm flex. I also went with the No1. 50 Series Pro grips as I’ve fallen in love with them.The clubs also all were bent to 1.5 degrees flat.My setup makeup is the following:***4 iron – 5 iron bent to 21 degrees5 iron – 24 degrees6 iron – 28 degrees7 iron – 32 degrees8 iron – 36 degrees9 iron – 40 degreesPW – 45 degreesGW – 50 degreesSW – 55 degrees***LW – SW bent to 59 degreesI decided to tear the bandaid off and hit the SW first, as this was my biggest fear in giving the single length irons a go. I consider myself a pretty good wedge player and I was afraid if these were going to give me trouble it was going to be with the wedges as they are longer than what I’m used to.I couldn’t have been more wrong, distance was right on the money. I hit that SW over and over and was within 5 yards each shot. I decided to try and hit a few chips, I choked down on the club and was happy to see that I could still play my normal shots.Cue megawatt smile.I decided to give the 7 iron a go. What I had heard is that the 5 to 7 iron have a different sound to them. They have a higher COR to get more distance and that gives them a bit of a different sound. Those have a bit of a ping to them. It’s not distracting, but if you’re not ready for it it can take you by surprise. I had watched Mark Crossfield’s review on these, so I knew what to expect.Again, my 7 iron distance was right on the money, still a happy camper!So the final test was the 4 and 5 irons. Honestly, those clubs were the reason I was so excited to get these. I struggle at times with consistency in those irons and so with high anticipation I took a swing. Same subtle ping, penetrating ball flight and great distance. Normally I hit my 5 iron about 180 when I catch it. The ball flight on the Wishon’s was a bit lower but damn if it didn’t come to rest next to the 200 yard stick. I probably flew it about 190 and got 10 yards of roll.I’d have to say there is absolutely no distance problems and the height was fine. I went through the rest of my bag and my distances were all correct and my gapping was spot on!Still have that megawatt smile in my face.So there you go. That’s my review of my new Sterling Single Length Irons. As you can tell, I’m pretty damn impressed with them. Ball striking is always what I’m looking for and I believe with these I’ll improve my ball striking. Are these for everybody? Maybe, maybe not but I believe they will give me a little something extra and I can use all the help I can get.”
– Nick T, Chapel Hill, TN
“I really think you’re on to something here, and have done a great job with these. I built my set out last week and have played twice with them.Here’s my review:Setup36.5 length, D1, Project X 95 steel shaftsLooksAs good as any iron on the market, nice setup behind the ball inspires confidence.FeelTerrific soft feel of the ball coming off the clubface, sound equally good.DistanceAs good as my current OEM clubs. My distances are nearly identical to my current clubs. No longer and no shorter.ConsistencyThis is where the product really shines. Distances are amazingly consistent. Likely because I hit the sweet spot every time, which of course is the logic behind this. Ball striking was amazing, I can’t hardly miss an iron and when you hit it sweet each time amazing things happen.Accuracy is spot on!”
– Tom D
“Love the game of golf. I have read a few of Tom’s books and have enjoyed them. The game has frustrated me over the last 6 years as my business has been blessed and my game cursed with lack of time to play. The fun has diminished…I want to be competitive but children and work have taken my time.After trying the 1Iron Golf clubs my friend had, I was fascinated with single length irons yet not impressed with his.I saw where Tom and Jaacob came out with the Sterling Irons®…Love Mark Crossfield…and went straight to his review of the Sterling Irons®…I was hooked.From Tom’s website I called and met Rick at RMH Golf in PA..What an awesome, nice man…He fit me and I ordered them.A few rounds later I have NO loss in distance, accuracy improved tremendously…you have made golf simple and fun again for an amateur like myself. Thank you.Rick will next build me the appropriate driver and hybrid to suit my game. He is as nice as he is knowledgeable…I literally have owned over a dozen sets of irons in less than two years (eBay junkie) and have realized the importance of quality control and fitting.God bless you and your dedication to the game and helping a man who loves the game…I feel like a tour player with quality attention to my game.”
– Paul C
“I can only hit them straight. I shot my best 18 ever today.”
– Dan S
“I sure am loving my Sterling Irons®.I just played my 4th round with them yesterday (only 9 holes) and hit 88.9% GIR! I only missed 1 green, and ironically it was a 185 yard par-3 where I used a 5-iron and flew the green by 10 yards because it actually hit that much FURTHER than what I was used to with my previous set!So I’m still getting used to the distances with the Sterling Irons® but each round is definitely an improvement over the last. My 2 previous rounds were 67% GIR (2nd round) and 72% (3rd round), and now 88.9% (albeit only 9 holes).For comparison, in the past I think my best round ever in my life was maybe 75% GIR with my average being around 50%.Iron play has never been a strong area of my game. Driving, chipping, putting – no problem. But everything in between with my irons is what has always gotten me in trouble. It looks like these Sterling Irons® are just what the doctor ordered!”
– James
“I received my irons yesterday afternoon and immediately went to play 18 with irons only. I went straight to the tee box with no warmup.First comment: these are the real deal and I had more fun today than I have in a long time.Second comment: I had no issue hitting any club and overall distances were similar to my Srixon Z745 irons. It was so simple to play every shot like an 8-iron swing with exact same ball position. At first, I think I was playing the 5-7 a little further up in my stance and was getting poor distance gaps. Once I realized it and moved the ball back, distance on all three increased and gaps were good.GW and PW flew similar distances to my normal. The Sterling Irons® GW is about 5 yards longer carry than my 50 degree Rotex 2.0. I hit a lot of pitch shots and half gap wedges with surprising control.The other irons were all pretty close to my normal distances. The 5-iron surprised me, as I hit some really long ones off the tee as well as from the fairway. (normal is 175-180ish on solid strikes with occasional 190’ish). Sterling Irons® had 4-5 over 185 with one a crazy 210 down wind. The big difference was the confidence with the 5-iron vs my Srixon. I had maybe 2 mishits today and they were still 165+. I hit more good 5-irons today than I have in a while. Trajectory was fine even at my swing speed.Overall, so impressed with these that I am putting them in the bag for a 4 day golf trip to Denver Thursday after just one round. The slight offset did not bother me and I didn’t even notice a higher pitched sound from the 5-7 High COR face that others have commented on.Rough average distances from one round with 10-15 mph winds: GW 110, PW 123, 9I 136 , 8I 145, 7I 157, 6I 171, 5I 181. No unplayable shots and overall ball striking noticeably better than with Srixons I have been playing well with for 6-8 months.”
– Matt K
“I did play in our section PGA Senior Match Play in Oklahoma City. First match lost 4-3 even though I was 3-under through 15 holes. My opponent was the eventual winner. Next match I won 7-6 and was 7-under through 12 holes. Won consolation championship with a 1-up, and 3-under par. My first completion with Sterling Irons in the bag. 16 birdies in 45 holes. Can remember more greens hit, or accurate shots at the pin. No issues with distance gapping. In fact, may be a half club to full club longer through the set.”
– Gerald Garrison, PGA of America Pro
“I’m playing very well with your irons. Finally I play well, straight and far and I won my first tournament
– Franco A, Italy, 44 years old
“I built a set of Sterling Irons for myself and shaved about 7 strokes off my score.I had to demo my set for a Doctor and built another set for myself on Saturday which I’m sure I will only be able to play one round with and someone else will want them.I have played every set of clubs out there from Adams to Wilson and NOTHING compares to the Sterling Irons.
– Jerry Meyers, Custom Clubfitter, Parfection Custom Clubs, Connecticut
“More feedback on my Sterling Irons.This weekend I was paired with a club pro for a quick 9. I was talking to him about my single length set, and I could tell his reaction was “cheap junk gimmick”. He was a tremendous ball striker and clearly an accomplished pro. Hole by hole, as I hit one baby draw after another he started to become intrigued. He pulled one out of my bag and took a closer look. He said, they seem to have a nice sound coming off the ball.We came to a 185-yard Par-3, so I said let’s do a little experiment. Hit your normal club then hit the equivalent in the Sterling Irons. He was using a Titleist Players iron set, not a blade. He hit his six and seven, then hit the six and seven from the Sterling Irons set.He said wow these have tremendous feel, and higher ball flight.We approached the green and he had hit the six over the green as expected, and there was the Sterling ball he hit just 3 feet from his Titleist. The two 7 irons were both on the green and also within a yard of each other.You’ve nailed the yardage gap issue with these, it just doesn’t exist. His and my distances are near identical to standard OEM irons, and feel is off the charts good.All I can say is you’re on to something here…”
“Got the single length clubs and played them today for the first time. You guys are on to something revolutionary here!”
– Chris P
“I played my first round today with my Sterling Irons. I went with your Stepless Steel in stiff, mid size and 3 up. I’ve got to say I am very impressed after my first round and a practice session. The irons look great and the top line is relatively thin which pleases my eye. The feel is excellent-very soft particularly the 8-SW. Distance and trajectory are excellent and the 5, 6 and 7 High COR face really gets the ball out there. Love the feel of the shafts. One of the things that blew me away was the GW and SW. Really easy to hit a variety of shots including a flop if you open up the SW. I made better contact with the shorter shafts than my traditional irons. All in all very impressed and I am sure it will get better as I gain more experience.”
– Mike
“I just wanted to let you know that I love the new irons. I am hitting everything better and the long irons are straighter and with more distance. The modified 5 hybrid is amazing….it’s like a little weapon…185-190 yds…and crazy straight.It took a few weeks to adjust to them, but it was never a bad thing…just getting used to one swing. It is so much easier to work on swing changes now, especially the tempo and release.I will spread the word in the Chippewa Valley.”
– Craig W
“I’ve had my Sterling Irons® for 6 weeks now. My scores are down 4 to 5 strokes a round. These irons are awesome!”
– Don C
“Well, I’m sold. Have been playing golf with off the rack clubs for 25 years, suffering along with everyone else. Have been eyeing the Sterling Irons® and with your recommendation now have a set of irons I’m thoroughly pleased with. I’ll refer all interest to your website. Thanks again for a great set of clubs.”
– Stu, Texas City
“Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I am totally impressed with the technology and workmanship that you have put into your Sterling irons®. Having played forged irons for 45+ years the adjustment was surprisingly easy. I truly believe that the single length system may be a game changer for sure. I would have to say that Tom Wishon is truly a master of his trade and all those involved in this endeavor have to be proud of these fine irons.”
– Gerry Stone
“Just to let you know I have just received the new clubs. I wanted to compliment you on the quality of your product. I know you said they were good, but I had not allowed for them being this good of a standard. They compare with any of the big names, and in fact are probably better made than any of them.”
– Daniel, United Kingdom
“Just wanted to update you on my progress with the Sterling Irons.I’ve had them now for about two months…have probably 12 rounds in under my belt.In spite of a so so driving round last Saturday late afternoon I was able to post my first round in the 60’s in over 3 years!Shot 69 on a par 72 course with excellent iron ball striking on a course I’ve never played before!I am a huge fan of your single length iron heads and am seeing tremendous results and consistency improvement weekly.Thanks again for your great work! I’m telling everyone I play with about the technology and hope to have some additional orders for you soon.Have a blessed week!”
– Mark H
“I was excited to receive my Sterling Irons: so shiny and beautifully crafted they are! On the range we immediately clicked: my irons and I! They are surprisingly easy to play.Within a couple of hours I felt comfortable enough to take them on the course. And what a surprise! My Sterling Irons are very precise in direction and very reliable in distance. What struck me the most: my distances are exactly one number longer than with my Adams Irons and my previous Taylor Made Burner Irons. So for a previous Pitching Wedge distance I now use my new Gap Wedge, etc. Distance gaping between Irons is perfect.For my 5 I chose the 5-hybrid instead of the 5-iron: a very cute club with a well built surface! Great handling and surprising distance! I had to get used to play a hybrid in the length of a 8-iron. But it works great! Also out of a bunker: fantastic!On our short Par-3 course my ball is on the green far more often than ever before.So all in all: Bravo for these first class Irons! I love them and I would not give them out of my hands.”
– Prof. Dr. med. Daniel F. à Wengen, Switzerland, 17 Handicap
Sterling Single Lenth Irons
“My Sterling Irons® came and I took to them straight away, the way they look behind the ball, the feel and the sound are all fantastic. The yardage has increased (7-iron) from 150 AV to 167. I’m more than impressed, I’m over the moon! Everyone wants to hit them and have a go on par 3’s. Many thanks to all the team for a real boost to my game that I was stuck in a rut with my expensive big name clubs.”
– Derren R
“I picked up my new set of Sterling Irons® and have played my first 3 rounds while on vacation. Once I got dialed in on the course and the weather was normal I definitely felt a marked improvement in my shot making.In the third round I shot one of the best rounds of my career!The irons have been able to get me on or close to the greens and allow me to accomplish better finishes on most holes. I shot par on 8 holes in the round.All in all these clubs are very impressive. Great product and solid design.”
– William G
“I love my Sterling irons®. I’m hitting more greens than ever, just firing at the pins. Hitting 12 to 14 greens in regulation used to be outstanding for me, now it is ordinary.Initially I didn’t care much for the Sterling Irons® SW, but recently I have warmed up to it and it has earned its place in my bag. I’m hitting all of my irons about 7 yards longer than my previous set; the SW fills in nicely for the just-under 100 distance.It is so nice not to worry about different ball positions or swing tempos for different irons. My practice time is more effective, as practicing with any iron is like practicing with them all.”
– Mitch B
“I have taken delivery of my Sterling irons® approx 3 weeks ago and find them amazing! They go slightly longer and just as high as my previous set, my consistency with my 6/5 irons is also much better.Thanks again for all the hard work you have put into these.”
– Phil, England
“I have a friend here who just lost his wife, he is 92 years old…..I let him use my single length demo set and his daughter took him to the golf course. He is still very agile and can still swing pretty good. They played 11 holes before he pooped out……..This sucker. thru 11 holes was 1 (ONE) over par with the Sterling Irons®. He could not get over how he was “down the middle” with every club.”
– HG, Missouri
Sterling Single Length Irons
“These are the best irons I’ve ever had and can’t imagine playing with anything else. I’ve bought and used 8 different sets of irons within the past 2 years by all the big names in golf but just wasn’t satisfied. My irons have never been this consistent!”
– Kevin H
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons
“I received my set of 5I to SW Sterling Irons about a month ago and got used to them pretty quickly. Fourth round with the new irons – and I felt very confident playing with them.Hits from fairway and from rough became a lot more straight and a little longer.Main observations:– Gaps between the clubs are lot more stable– Playing with wedges became more comfortable, perhaps because they are longer than usual and you don’t have to lean forward too much. Short game goes with no problems.– Hitting with the long irons (5 and 6) became easier and more stable, trajectory control is simpler. I used to struggle with 5 iron before.– Apart from me, players around me noticed that 7, 6, and 5 irons produce an extremely pleasant sound at contact with the ball. It’s the sound you easily get used to and start looking forward to.I don’t feel like playing with conventional progressive length irons anymore, they just aren’t the same.You guys did an amazing job creating these irons! Thank you so much!”
– Yerlan, Kazakhstan
“I eventually bought a set of Sterling Irons® in September after quite a lot of thought. I had been playing the 560MC’s for about 5 years and was very happy, however the intrigue of the Sterling Irons® took over.So how have they performed?Well, before I bought them, I was playing off 9 and a quick look at my scoring tells me that my average score this year up to then had been 79.9.I shot 82 the first time I used them, and since then my scores have been as follows: 76, 76, 77, 71, 78, 73, 77, 77, 76, 77. So just under 76 on average. My handicap has gone down to 7 (with a brief visit to 6!).Obviously it’s not all about the irons. I have been playing more golf than usual, and the rest of my game has probably tightened up. However I’ve definitely felt an improvement with my iron play.In terms of the subjective side, I would say that the most significant benefit for me is that the long irons are way easier to hit. I have found the 5, 6 and 7 quite a lot easier. I also love the sound of the high COR face. I want to call it a ‘ping’ but someone used that idea already :-). I considered the 5-hybrid but went for the 5 iron and my 85 mph 5-iron speed seems to be plenty to cope with it.In terms of the other main benefit – one identical swing for all irons – for me this is secondary. One reason is that I have found that I tend to use a SLIGHTLY different swing for short and long irons, even with same length clubs. I put it a SHADE further forward and swing a little more ‘up’ with the long irons in order to maximize height/carry. Furthermore, I tend to find that I sometimes swing a little different if the shot calls for it (fade / draw / low / high etc). Over time I might find that I do indeed develop a single swing, but overall I think the benefit of “easier to hit long irons” is definitely the primary one.I have found the distance gapping to be pretty consistent compared to my old clubs. Bearing in mind that the Sterling Irons® are roughly 1 club stronger, this is what I have found:Old Set Sterling Irons®4 hybrid= 175m 5i= 170m560MC 5i= 160m 6i= 160m560MC 6i= 150m 7i= 150m560MC 7i= 140m 8i= 140m560MC 8i= 130m 9i= 130m560MC 9i= 120m PW= 117m560MC PW= 110m GW= 105mIn other words, the mid irons are roughly the same. My Sterling Irons® 5-iron probably goes a little shorter than my older 23 deg 4-hybrid, however that hybrid is 3” longer so that makes sense. The Sterling Irons® GW is half a club shorter than my 560PW. But that’s fine now that I am used to it, it’s just really a question of getting used to your distances, as with any new clubs.Like some other customers have said, I found the PW and especially the GW (I didn’t buy a SW) a little harder to get used to. I think this was probably mental, as I probably knew that they didn’t go quite as far as my old clubs did, and was trying to hit it too hard. If I just hit them without over-thinking, they generally go fine.4-Anyway, all told I’m very happy with the new clubs. I’ve had quite a few comments on course, and know of at least one other person at my course in Cape Town who has bought a set.Thanks for another great job and I hope the Sterling Irons® continue to do well for you.”
Frazer, South Africa, 6 handicap
Sterling Single Length Irons
Sterling Single Length Irons, the Best