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Jul 18 2017

Can your company offer that?

2017-08-02T13:01:30+00:00By |Uncategorized|

Sterling Irons Single Length Irons vs. Cobra One Single Length Irons   Hi, I am Tom Wishon and I am a career club head designer. I have been designing club heads since 1986, during which I've had the pleasure to create designs for over three hundred and fifty (350) different models of club heads. One of the more recent models I have had the opportunity to design were the Sterling Irons Single Length iron. Jaacob Bowden and I debuted the Sterling Irons Single Length irons in spring of 2016. Well, in the last year one of the major golf club [...]

May 22 2017

Taylor Made Golf Company – M1 and M2 Irons

2017-05-26T13:10:34+00:00By |Irons, Taylor Made Golf Company|

Ahhhh, how the mighty have fallen. It just seems like yesterday in golf years that Taylor Made Golf Company could do no wrong. Having ridden the color white to well over a billion dollars in annual revenue with hundreds and hundreds of tour players on staff globally and pushing to a never before seen 61% market share in driver sales, TM was the envy of the golf equipment world when it comes to statistics and numbers in the world of golf club commerce. Fast forward a little more than a couple of years and the hot shots from Carlsbad are [...]