By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“It’s coming up to my one year anniversary with the Sterling Irons®, so I thought I would do an update of my personal findings.

When I got them (end Sept 2016) I was 9 handicap. From mid-Oct to mid-Nov I dropped to 7 handicap, which wasn’t a co-incidence.

In March our club had the “5 day champs” (for 5 day members and other categories outside of full members, and this comp is for us). So it’s not the main event but still quite big and was lucky enough to win it. I have since been referred to as the “Bryson deChambeau” of Westlake.

I am currently playing off 5.6, which is my lowest ever. So as you can see they are working for me.

Some of my observations:

1. Long irons were immediately easier with no real adjustment needed.

2. Short irons (PW & GW) were initially harder to get used to. My problem I think was that I’d try to hit them too hard (a mental thing). Now (as you have suggested) I trust them, and the wedges are great. I think it’s called “patience”?

3. Long iron ball flight is a bit lower, but also straighter for me (not sure if those things are related?). It’s windy in Cape Town so it actually helps. Again if you accept it and trust it, the results are good.

So all in all, I’m loving the clubs.”

-Fraser, South Africa, 9 handicap to 5.6 handicap