By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“I received my Sterling Irons® yesterday afternoon and immediately went to play 18 with irons only. I went straight to the tee box with no warmup.

First comment: these are the real deal and I had more fun today than I have in a long time.

Second comment: I had no issue hitting any club and overall distances were similar to my Srixon Z745 irons. It was so simple to play every shot like an 8-iron swing with exact same ball position. At first, I think I was playing the 5-7 a little further up in my stance and was getting poor distance gaps. Once I realized it and moved the ball back, distance on all three increased and gaps were good.

GW and PW flew similar distances to my normal. The Sterling Irons® GW is about 5 yards longer carry than my 50 degree Rotex 2.0. I hit a lot of pitch shots and half gap wedges with surprising control.

The other irons were all pretty close to my normal distances. The 5-iron surprised me, as I hit some really long ones off the tee as well as from the fairway. (normal is 175-180ish on solid strikes with occasional 190’ish). Sterling Irons® had 4-5 over 185 with one a crazy 210 down wind. The big difference was the confidence with the 5-iron vs my Srixon. I had maybe 2 mishits today and they were still 165+. I hit more good 5-irons today than I have in a while. Trajectory was fine even at my swing speed.

Overall, so impressed with these that I am putting them in the bag for a 4 day golf trip to Denver Thursday after just one round. The slight offset did not bother me and I didn’t even notice a higher pitched sound from the 5-7 High COR face that others have commented on.

Rough average distances from one round with 10-15 mph winds: GW 110, PW 123, 9I 136 , 8I 145, 7I 157, 6I 171, 5I 181. No unplayable shots and overall ball striking noticeably better than with Srixons I have been playing well with for 6-8 months.”

– Matt K