By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“I just received my Sterling Irons® after shipping to Brunei, and I’d like to give you my first impressions, after a session on the range, and 9 holes this morning.

I admit, after placing the order, I was somewhat nervous. Once I opened the box, a lot of my concerns evaporated immediately. The build quality is much better than the pictures on your website led me to expect. I’m replacing my Ping i25’s, and I am happy to report that the Sterling Irons® look better to my eye. Not too much offset, and nice thin top line.

I took them to the range for some gap testing the old fashioned way. I started with the Gap Wedge, which flew nice and high, and landed right on the number at 100 yards. A couple more showed consistent distance at 100 to 105 yards carry…perfect. Gaps up to the 7 were consistently 10 to 12 yards between clubs.

My nerves came back with the 5 and 6, and I didn’t strike them terribly well, my fault not the clubs. I’d hit my game balls and seen only a small increase in distance, but I knew it was me. I had a single range ball left, which I hit perfectly with the 5, to see it fly out to 180 yards. That’s about five yards further than my old 5 iron hit a ProV. So far so good.

Out on course today, my concerns all evaporated, and I put my i25’s on eBay. Whenever I hit the Sterling Irons® well, they outperformed all expectations. My best was a 198 yard (into wind) 5 iron, straight (and then over) the flag. A couple of slight mishits I expected to be terrible, ended up much better than expected.

In short, you have a winner. As a 10 handicap, I can’t see why any handicap golfer wouldn’t go down this route. I know they won’t solve all my Golf problems overnight, but there’s definitely one less variable to worry about.”

– Richard M, 10 Handicap, Brunei