By Sterling Irons® Facebook


“I am finishing up on my 3 summer of playing the Sterling Irons® and I thought I would give an update to all of those that are thinking of giving SL irons a try. My game has continued to improve and I cannot think of a reason to go back to VL irons. I always laugh when I hear all of the nay sayers that haven’t given them a try. I’ll admit, they are probably not for everyone, but they really simplified the game for me and I feel like I can get away without practicing as much and still have a good feel for my swing since so much of the set up is the same.

I am 53 yrs old now, have played all of my life, and have been a 8-12 HC most of my life. I have gotten down to a 6 as of late and I only play about 25 – 30 rounds a year. Now if I have time to practice, I mostly putt and chip vs banging irons and drivers for hours.

Great clubs, thanks!”