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“I am a legally blind golfer. I purchased the Sterling Irons® single length clubs several months ago and was fitted by Paul Coon’s out of Redmond, Oregon. The consistency of the single link clubs has improve my game drastically consistency is very important to me being your visually impaired golfer. Prior to the Sterling Irons® on and 18-hole golf course here in Oregon I would shoot a 105 to 110. Now that I have the Sterling Irons® and have the same swing with every club I am shooting under 100 the last four times out I shot A 96, 97, 96, and a 99. Today I shot a 44 on a par 35 so the consistency of your clubs are working and it is a great product. Anybody who is ever doubted going to single length irons should not hesitate. The consistency really works and these are great product.” -Britton Munoz