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Haha, can you believe that this happened in Sterling Heights of all places???

“Was fitted for my Sterling Irons® 5-SW last fall. At that time we filled the gap to my new 929 4-wood with a Wishon Golf 775 4H. Played it at the end of last year until last week.

Monday I went back to Gary Cottrell for a driver fitting; asked about the 4-iron as I like the idea of keeping as much of my bag as possible one length. After a bit of testing, Gary thought it might be a good fit; said it would be ready Saturday. I asked if he could get finished by Wednesday as my league is Thursday; he did.

Last night on the 176-yard 2nd hole of Rammler Golf Club, I got my first hole-in-one with that 4-iron picked up the night before!

I’m 51; have been playing since I was 14; my Sterling Irons are by far my favorite set of all time….; not just because of the ace (but that didn’t hurt).

Thanks so much!”

– Kevin F, Sterling Heights, MI

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