To our understanding, companies aren’t making single length clubs as a result of misguided manufacturing decisions made earlier in the 20th century. Now that thousands and thousands of iron sets have been made this way, consequently we think the modern golf psyche is now so deeply entrenched in the idea that irons have to all be different lengths, that no major manufacturer is willing to take the risk at trying to change the design perception of the entire golf industry. Even though the science supports same length clubs, we’re still stuck where we are because of a mix of stubborn tradition and a business risk that few will take on.

To elaborate more on the risk, one time Jaacob Bowden was talking to the former CEO of a major golf company and they were talking about single length irons…here is what this former CEO said:

“Same length has been done, personally I’ve been a fan but it’s a tough concept to sell. Reality; In the US golf industry there are 6 major chains that buy product that is sold to what constitutes 85% of the market. All but roughly 2-3 % of the rest is sold in golf pro shops and they are influenced by the retailers. The buyers for these major chains only buy what is played on tour and pretty much in order of market share. Like it or not we dance to that tune. To introduce something like single length after investing in the design we’d have to spend millions on marketing and not so minor get tour credibility because no product is successful at retail without it.”

– Anonymous Former Major Golf Company CEO

So even though this guy is personally a fan, the company wouldn’t do it because the buyers for retail stores only buy what’s played on tour…and it would cost too much money to get tour players to play same length despite the good concept!

It’s just about money and risk and not what’s best for the golfer!