In designing Sterling Irons ™, we had had the advantage of both Jaacob Bowden’s and Tom Wishon’s experience, the Internet for research, and modern technology for testing.

Jaacob Bowden has been involved with playing and selling single length irons since 2007 and he knew the single length iron market very well.

Tom Wishon is a 40-year veteran of the golf equipment industry specializing in club head design, shaft performance analysis, and club fitting research and development.

During the initial phases of working together, we scavenged the Internet to find every possible bit of information about what worked and did not work with single length irons. We then compar®entalized the feedback in to buckets and literally sat down at a white board to try to figure out how to retain all the benefits of single length irons while fixing all the problems and common complaints.

We were also able to test all our prototypes with both human testing and robot testing on Trackman, which Tom has at his R&D facility at the Dalton Ranch Golf Club in Durango, CO.

We set out to design a cool-looking, customizable, and competition-legal set of single length irons based off an 8-iron length club (single length irons have historically been built from 5-iron to 7-iron length) that went the distances and trajectories that you’d expect for a set of modern day golf clubs.

We feel like we’ve done it!

The Sterling Irons™ are a huge leap forward in single length iron technology.