Similar to conventional iron sets, there can be never be a single design that appeals to all players.

This first generation of Sterling Irons® is primarily targeted towards the 75% of golfers who are swinging a driver between 85-105 mph. That doesn’t mean slower or faster swingers can’t play the set. Jaacob Bowden, PGA, who has PGA TOUR level swing speed is playing them. There are also quite a few other club professionals and mini tour players playing them.

Anyway, for this group of players, they’ll probably need a little help getting the ball up in the air. That’s partially why the 4 to 7-iron are designed with high COR faces.

That being said, response has been great enough to our first generation that we are planning to have a “pro” set in the second generation. We are expecting to begin designing the 2nd generation of Sterling Irons® in 2019, hoping to have them ready to go towards the end of the year or beginning of 2020.