We’re creating a special edition run of Sterling Irons® single length irons…and offering you the exclusive opportunity to go behind-the-scenes, get insider communications access, and provide feedback during the design and development process.

Pre-order donations of $895 or more make you one of the lucky ones to come away with your own custom iron set that YOU help develop!

Only 300 limited-issue sets are planned!

Your Personal Journey:

As part of the experience, ALL donors, regardless of donation amount, get to be a part of the entire process from start to finish. We privately share with the group various emails, documents, photos, videos, etc throughout the process, so you can see how it all works.

With our first generation, this included things like:

  • Initial white boarding
  • Preliminary drawings and modeling
  • Building the tooling dies and masters
  • Deciding on the cosmetics
  • Creating and testing the first samples
  • Making modifications to samples and dies (if necessary)
  • Final testing and modifications
  • Running production
  • Ocean shipping, receiving, checking specs, custom building
  • Delivery


Assuming no unusual delays, we expect this to be a 6-9-month process.

Upon completion of the funding campaign, it takes about:
  • 1 month to get the initial head design together
  • 1 month to have the tooling built and ready
  • 1 month to get the first master head set
  • 3 months to have the heads produced and shipped to the US where clubs will be assembled, packaged up, and delivered

We factor in a few extra months in the process for modifications and any other unexpected delays that may come up.

Getting One of the Special Edition Sets:

Pre-order donations of $895 or more make you one of 300 lucky ones to get a special edition set!This is intended to be an innovative and revolutionary right-handed “players distance” type model that includes 11 total clubs…3 of which have never before been created in the golf world!These are the components being used:
  • Sterling Irons® special edition heads
  • KBS TOUR 90 high-launch steel shafts
  • Golf Pride MCC New-Decade MultiCompound grips

Recipients of personal sets also have final custom build options to select from that include:

  • Club length
  • Shaft flex
  • Swing weight
  • Lie angle
  • Grip size

Each club in the set is hand checked for spec and quality control before being shipped direct to the address of your choice.

If you’ve never been a part of something like this, it is a fantastic experience and unique opportunity!