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Sep 6 2018

Hitting Chip Shots Fat

2018-12-03T17:03:09+00:00By |Chipping, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you are struggling with hitting your chip shots fat, that I've got five things here that can hopefully help you improve the quality of your strike and you won't be hitting them as fat so often. So, the first thing I would say, and this is going to lead into a couple of the other things is just to understand a little bit about your wedge here. So, if you look at the which here, as you come down the clubface, there is this point report that leads to the under part of the club face, it [...]

Aug 9 2018

Topping the Golf Ball in Chipping

2018-12-03T07:59:45+00:00By |Chipping, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you are topping or sculling your chip shots, I've got a couple of tips here that can hopefully help you improve the performance on those and get rid of those tops and sculls. So, the first thing is to check your ball position. Now, with the golf swing where it is tilted over and swinging, all swings are going to have some kind of art to it, there's going to be a natural down, natural bottoming out, and a natural of, and largely, that's dictated by where your C7 vertebrae is, it's this vertebrae where your shoulders, [...]

Jul 12 2018

How to Hit a Flop Shot in Golf

2018-12-03T17:04:42+00:00By |Chipping, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you've heard about the flop shot around the green and you want to learn how to play that or if you just need to have a shot in your bag that maybe goes a little bit higher incomes down a little bed steeper with a smaller amount of space, then this video here is going to help you – hopefully help you, teach you how to play that shot. So, the first thing I would say when playing the shot is find your ball around the green and wherever the ball – check the lie of the [...]

Jun 14 2018

Chipping From Tight Lies

2018-12-03T17:06:22+00:00By |Chipping, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you're looking for tips on chipping your sterling irons in tight lies, then I've got four things to help you with here. The first would be just to stand tall. Part of good chipping when you have a ball and it is sitting on top of something and it's not sitting on some grass that is fluffed up and basically teed up for you, you don't have much room to work with there, so by standing pretty tall, you are sort of eliminating the possibility of hitting it fact or minimizing the chance that you can do [...]

May 17 2018

Chipping Distance Control

2018-12-03T17:10:14+00:00By |Chipping, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you're looking to have better distance control with your sterling irons for chipping, then I've got three things here that can hopefully help you out with that. The first thing is to check your contact where you're hitting the ball on the clubface, and why that is important is if you headed in the center where the center of mass, center of gravity is, that is where you're going to get the most ball speed, so think of like a direct head on collision, it's good to have the highest energy transfer, and then the more that [...]

May 17 2018

Chipping From Rough Around the Green

2018-12-03T17:08:32+00:00By |Chipping, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you play courses where you got heavy greenside rough and you are struggling to get those onto the green or get them as close as you like, I've got five things I want to go over here for you to help you play those shots a little bit better. So, the first thing I want to cover is just understanding what's the wedge does, and there's a couple basic things, but with the sterling iron wedges and any wedges, really, there's a couple keep things here: this part where the club face comes down and then goes [...]