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Jun 21 2018

Uphill Bunker Shot

2018-12-03T08:01:17+00:00By |Bunker Shots, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you are struggling with playing uphill slopes and bunkers, or just like to learn how to play those a little bit better, I've got a few things here that can hopefully help you improve your performance on those. So, let us say that we're on a slope like this and the ball is sitting on the slope here, and we've got to get it up and onto the green there, so what you could do is that if the slope is like this and you stand level to the slow, when you swing, basically, the wedge is [...]

Jun 14 2018

Chipping From Tight Lies

2018-12-03T17:06:22+00:00By |Chipping, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you're looking for tips on chipping your sterling irons in tight lies, then I've got four things to help you with here. The first would be just to stand tall. Part of good chipping when you have a ball and it is sitting on top of something and it's not sitting on some grass that is fluffed up and basically teed up for you, you don't have much room to work with there, so by standing pretty tall, you are sort of eliminating the possibility of hitting it fact or minimizing the chance that you can do [...]

Jun 7 2018

Fat Pitch Shots

2018-12-03T16:56:25+00:00By |Pitching, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you're having an issue hitting your sterling iron's pitches a little bit fat and heavy, and you're just dumping them short of the degree and then getting yourself in trouble, then I've got five things there that can hopefully help you out and get you making a little bit better contact on those pitches and get you just playing better. So, the first thing is a technical thing here. So, oftentimes, in golf instruction, we're taught to have the shaft leaned pretty far forward, and that's okay, you can hit good shots like that and there's no [...]

May 31 2018

Hitting Long Irons Too Low

2018-11-21T14:02:46+00:00By |Full Swing, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you’re hitting a lower-lofted Sterling Irons a little bit too low and you need a little bit more height, or you’re just not holding greens and coming in too low, I’ve got a couple things that can hopefully help you with that to get that height with the lower-lofted clubs, so that you get up in the air a little bit more and can hold those greens. So, the first thing is a technical thing. Now, typically, in the golf instructional world, we’re often told to come into with some amount of shaft lean, and what that [...]