Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons With Graphite Shafts

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The 4-iron to SW with Graphite Shafts set option is a good single length iron set choice for golfers who:

  • • Have the club head speed to play the 19-degree 4-iron (generally we recommend 85 mph or higher of 8-iron club head speed to be able to play the 4-iron)
  • • Want to play single length irons for both full swing approach shots and short game shots
  • • Prefer lighter graphite shafts (details below) over heavier graphite shafts for more distance and the possibility of hitting one less club in to the green, to help relieve joint pain and discomfort, etc

When you click on the “ORDER NOW” button, you’ll be given a choice of:

  • • Right or Left-Handed Clubs
  • • Graphite Shafts
    • o 55g AA-Flex (for lightest total weight)
    • o 55g A-Flex (for lightest total weight)
    • o 55g R-Flex (for lightest total weight)
    • o 64g AA-Flex (for early downswing release)
    • o 64g A-Flex (for early downswing release)
    • o 73g A-Flex (for mid downswing release)
    • o 73g R-Flex (for mid downswing release)
    • o 73g S-Flex (for mid downswing release)
    • o 85g R-Flex (for late downswing release)
    • o 85g S-Flex (for late downswing release)
  • • Club Length
    • o 37-Inch 7-Iron Length Set
    • o 36.5-Inch 8-Iron Length Set (generally this is more recommended because arguably 8-irons are easier to hit over the course of the season versus 7-irons)
  • • Lie Angle
    • o 3-Degrees Flat
    • o 2-Degrees Flat
    • o 1-Degree Flat
    • o Standard (63 degrees)
    • o 1-Degree Upright
    • o 2-Degrees Upright
    • o 3-Degrees Upright
  • • Swing Weight
    • o C3 (Feels Less Head Heavy)
    • o C4
    • o C5
    • o C6
    • o C7
    • o C8
    • o C9
    • o D0
    • o D1 (Standard)
    • o D2
    • o D3
    • o D4 (Feels Most Head Heavy)
  • • Grip Size
    • o Men’s Undersize, 0.884”, -1/64”
    • o Men’s Standard, 0.900”
    • o Men’s Oversize, 0.916”, +1/64”, +1 wrap
    • o Men’s Oversize, 0.931”, +1/32”, +2 wraps
    • o Men’s Oversize, 0.947”, +3/64”, +3 wraps
    • o Men’s Oversize, 0.962”, +1/16”, +4 wraps

Not sure what to choose?

Don’t worry, we can help you pick out what is best for you on the next page.

It is this level of personalized customization that helps set us apart performance-wise from other single length iron manufacturers.

Furthermore, our quality control is as tight as it gets. Normally, when you buy off the rack, there is some level of manufacturing tolerance that is generally allowed in the industry. With Sterling Irons® single length irons, each individual head is checked to ensure it is on spec with your chosen options.

To accomplish consistent weighting, swing weight, MOI, and feel, there is a hidden weight bore in the 0.370-inch parallel hosel in which we can insert up to 10 grams of weight.

Plus, thanks to 2.5 years of research and development based on golfer feedback, launch monitor and robot testing, etc, we feel we’ve done a better job of solving common historic complaints about single length irons sets through our choices of lofts, club lengths, offset (the progressive offset helps move the center of gravity around to dial in shot height) and materials (the 5, 6, and 7-iron have HS 300 High-Strength 0.830 High-COR Steel with variable face thickness faces which help them be ultra-forgiving, go the right distances, and be consistent with shot heights despite having shorter 7 or 8-iron length shafts versus the 8-iron to Wedges which are made of a softer 8620 Carbon Steel).

With Sterling Irons® single length irons, you will finally have all the following together:

  • • A set of single length irons that is USGA legal
  • • Sufficient distance gapping between your irons
  • • Iron shots that meet or exceed modern-day distances
  • • Iron shots that go consistent trajectories
  • • Irons that don’t feel too long of length when playing shorter shots
  • • A beautiful set of irons that is easy to hit and extremely forgiving

Need more convincing?

  • •Check out the testimonials and reviews from real buyers. The Sterling Irons® are played by everyone from beginners to professionals.
  • • You get FREE shipping (for orders within the United States)
  • • We offer 3-month payment plan option during checkout
  • • We offer a 2-year Performance Warranty against defects like face cracks, rush, and shafts snaps at the top of the hosel
  • • We offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee (How’s that for confidence!)


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