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Aug 16 2018

How to Play Long Bunker Shots Vs Short Bunker Shots

2018-12-03T07:57:56+00:00By |Bunker Shots, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you find yourself in greenside bunkers and you tend to handle maybe a certain distance okay, but if they are a little shorter or a little bit longer and you are struggling with either short bunker shots or longer bunker shots, I've got a simple tip here that you may not have thought to employee when you're on the greenside bunker and this assumes you know how to play a basic bunker shot, so if you don't know how to play a basic bunker shot, check the channel here and make sure you watch the video on [...]

Aug 9 2018

Topping the Golf Ball in Chipping

2018-12-03T07:59:45+00:00By |Chipping, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you are topping or sculling your chip shots, I've got a couple of tips here that can hopefully help you improve the performance on those and get rid of those tops and sculls. So, the first thing is to check your ball position. Now, with the golf swing where it is tilted over and swinging, all swings are going to have some kind of art to it, there's going to be a natural down, natural bottoming out, and a natural of, and largely, that's dictated by where your C7 vertebrae is, it's this vertebrae where your shoulders, [...]

Aug 2 2018

Fixing The Pitching Shanks

2018-11-21T14:05:08+00:00By |Pitching, YouTube|

VIDEO: Transcript If you’ve got a little bit of an issue with the shanks with your pitching, I’ve got a couple things here to offer you that can hopefully help you get rid of those. So, the first thing I would say is to get some of this Dr. Sholl’s foot powder, OdorX foot powder spray, and it doesn’t have to be Dr. Sholl’s necessarily, it can be some off brand, it can be some kids’ chalk powder spray, but it’s something that’s a little bit – it’s a valuable tool. Only costs a couple of bucks and it’s a [...]