For your convenience, we’ve listed answers below to frequently asked questions.

If you do not see an answer to your question, feel free to contact us using the form below the FAQs.

Can I get a specific golf grip or shaft…for example Golf Pride, True Temper, etc?

Presently, we have specifically branded shafts that are designed by club design icon Tom Wishon to cover a wide variety of custom fitting needs from a performance standpoint.

So although we can’t put Golf Pride grips on your clubs, for example, we do offer options that will perform similarly to almost anything on the market. This includes 4 different steel shaft options, 8 different graphite shaft options, 6 different men’s grip size options, and 3 different women’s grip size options. You’ll be able to choose from these options during the checkout process.

We feel confident in the performance of our components…and you can see that in our testimonials.

However, if after trying them, you still have a personal preference to use a specific brand or shaft, you can always take them to a custom club fitter later to change them to whatever you like.

Are the Sterling Irons® available for left-handers?

Left-handed sets of Sterling Irons® are planned to be released around May 2017.

You can pre-order a set here.

What does it cost to ship a set of Sterling Irons® to my country?

FedEx shipping is free within the United States.

For international shipping, we determine USD pricing by zones, which you can see below and at the end of checkout.

Afghanistan 185
Albania 185
Algeria 185
American Samoa 185
Angola 185
Anguilla 86
Antigua and Barbuda 86
Argentina 185
Armenia 185
Aruba 86
Australia 116
Austria 116
Azerbaijan Republic 185
Bahamas 86
Bahrain 116
Bangladesh 116
Barbados 86
Belarus 185
Belgium 86
Belize 185
Benin 185
Bermuda 86
Bhutan 116
Bolivia 185
Bosnia and Herzegovina 185
Botswana 185
Brazil 185
British Virgin Islands 86
Brunei 116
Bulgaria 185
Burkina Faso 185
Burundi 185
Cambodia 185
Cameroon 185
Canada 86
Cape Verde 185
Cayman Islands 86
Chad 185
Chile 185
China 116
Colombia 185
Cook Islands 185
Costa Rica 185
Croatia 185
Cyprus 116
Democractic Republic of the Congo 185
Denmark 116
Djbouti 185
Dominica 86
Dominican Republic 86
East Timor 185
Ecuador 185
Egypt 116
Ehiopia 185
El Salvador 185
Eritrea 185
Estonia 185
Faroe Isands 116
Fiji 185
Finland 116
France 86
French Guiana 185
French Polynesia 185
Gabon Republic 185
Gambia 185
Georgia 185
Germany 116
Ghana 185
Gibraltar 185
Greece 116
Greenland 116
Grenada 86
Guadeloupe 86
Guam 116
Guatemala 185
Guinea 185
Guyana 185
Haiti 86
Honduras 185
Hong Kong 86
Hungary 185
Icelands 116
India 116
Indonesia 116
Iraq 185
Ireland 86
Israel 116
Italy 86
Jamaica 86
Japan 86
Jordan 116
Kazakhstan 185
Kenya 185
Kuwait 116
Kyrgyzstan 185
Laos 185
Latvia 185
Lebanon 116
Lesotho 185
Liberia 185
Libya 185
Liechtenstein 116
Lithuania 185
Luxembourg 86
Macau 116
Macedonia 185
Madagascar 185
Malawi 185
Malaysi 116
Maldives 116
Mali 185
Malta 116
Marshall Islands 185
Martinique 86
Mauritania 185
Mauritius 185
Mexico 86
Micronesia 185
Moldova 185
Monaco 86
Mongolia 185
Montenegro 185
Montserrat 86
Morocco 185
Mozambique 185
Nepal 116
Netherlands 86
New Caledonia 185
New Zealand 116
Nicargua 185
Niger 185
Nigeria 185
Nmibia 185
Norway 116
Oman 116
Pakistan 116
Palau 185
Palestine 116
Panama 185
Papua New Guinea 185
Paraguay 185
Peru 185
Philippines 116
Poland 185
Portugal 116
Puerto Rico 86
Qatar 185
Republic of the Congo 185
Reunion 185
Romania 185
Russia 185
Rwanda 185
Saint Kitts and Nevis Anguila 86
Saint Vincent and Grenadines 86
Samoa 185
Saudi Arabia 116
Senegal 185
Serbia 185
Serbia and Montenegro 185
Seychelles 185
Singapore 86
Slovakia 185
Slovenia 185
South Africa 185
South Korea 86
Spain 116
Sri Lanka 116
St. Lucia 86
Suriname 185
Swaziland 185
Sweden 116
Switzerland 116
Taiwan 86
Tanzania 185
Thailand 116
Togo 185
Trinidad and Tobago 86
Tunisia 185
Turkey 116
Turks and Caicos Islands 86
Uganda 185
Ukraine 185
United Arab Emirates 185
United Kingdom 86
Uruguay 310
Uzbekistan 310
Vanuatu 310
Venezuela 310
Vietnam 185
Wallis and Futuna Islands 310
Zambia 310
Zimbabwe 310

The price of Sterling Irons® is out of my budget. What can I do?

If the cost is a concern for you, we do offer 3-month payment plans. Just proceed through checkout and you’ll see the option along the way.

Can I order the Sterling Irons® heads only?

No, at this time the only way to get the heads only is by applying to become an approved custom club fitter here.

Can I use PayPal to buy my Sterling Irons®?

Yes, but it has to be done manually. If you’d like to pay via PayPal, send us an email message with the specifics of the set you want and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

Can I do custom bending requests? For example, can I have you bend my GW and SW to different lofts?

Yes. After you place your order, send us a message using the contact below and we will have such requests appended to your order.

I’m not interested in the full 5 to SW Sterling Irons® set. Can I just get 5-PW, 5-GW, 6-PW, etc?

Yes. If you send us a message below and tell us the specifics of what you want, we can send you a custom invoice. To give you an idea of what you’d pay if you took out a club or two from the set, the individual club prices are:

  • $250 each – Hybrid
  • $139 each – 4 to 7-Iron with graphite
  • $128 each – 4 to 7-iron with steel
  • $117 each – 8 to SW with graphite
  • $106 each – 8 to SW with steel
Do you offer PGA Professionals a discount on Sterling Irons®?

Yes. Simply email us below with your credentials and we can approve a 20% Personal Use Discount for you.

I filled out the form for you to pick my Sterling Irons® specs. How do I know what I will get?

If you are afraid to buy before you know what you will get, just send us a message below and we will be glad to share with you our recommendation to make you more comfortable about your purchase.

What Sterling Irons® specifications should I choose?

If you need help deciding what specs to choose, feel free to send us an email below and we’ll be glad to help you.

How long does it take for the clubs to ship?

Orders are processed Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm US Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7). Assuming all components are in stock, orders can usually be assembled, packaged, and dropped off with USPS for shipping within 2-3 business days. Shipments are presently coming in roughly every 2 weeks, so if we happen to get a big rush of orders, the worst case scenario would be up to 2 weeks.

Where can I do an in-person custom fitting?

You can do an in-person custom fitting of the Sterling Irons™ by contacting an approved custom club fitter in your local area. There is a list of fitters available at

Alternatively, if you know your specs, you can just input them in yourself in the shopping cart process and save yourself a trip.

Similarly, once you choose a product, we can also help you select the right one by answering the fitting questions.

Where can I try the clubs prior to buying?

You can try out the Sterling Irons® by contacting an approved custom club fitter in your local area. There is a list of fitters available at

Also, if it helps, you can read comments about the clubs here. Part of the reason we’re getting such great reviews is our use of great materials, quality control, and fitting options. So if you want to just jump in and get a set, know that you’ll be taken care of.

Are single length irons legal?

The Sterling Irons® conform to the Rules of Golf and are legal for tournament play.

What are the benefits of single length irons?

The main selling point of single length irons is that they are simply easier to play.

In a conventional set of golf clubs, each iron is made with a different length and weight…and they are meant to be played from a different ball position as you go from club to club. Golf is already hard enough and conventional iron design only complicates the game further.

On the other hand, single length irons are all the same length and weight. This means you only need one swing and one ball position as you go from club to club.

For the average amateur who doesn’t play regularly, this can make hitting the ball easier and the game more fun.

For the better player and/or professional, you will be able to hit your approach shots much closer, make more birdies, and leak less bogeys. This is especially useful with the lower lofted irons in that 175-225 yard range that is so statistically critical to tour success.

The Sterling Irons ™ in particular are built to be 8-iron length. This length ensures that you will hit the lower-lofted clubs more consistently in the sweet spot…while still not being so long-shafted that it feels odd to be playing 9-iron or wedges that are slightly longer than in a conventional set.

If you want to hit the ball better, shoot lower scores, and have more fun…you should play single length irons.

Do any pros play single length irons?

Honestly, you shouldn’t play any clubs simply because a pro plays them.

Typically, top tour players are paid millions of dollars to play clubs from a certain manufacturer and it is in their contract to switch to the latest clubs any time the manufacturer comes out with something new. Really you should play what best fits your own game.

That being said the answer is yes.

Bobby Jones apparently won the Grand Slam using single length irons.

Moe Norman, a golfer who many consider one of the greatest ball strikers of all times, used single length irons.

Jaacob Bowden, used 1Iron Golf’s single length irons to shoot his first tournament round in the 60s in 2007. He also shot the Speedgolf World Championship record for golf score at Bandon Dunes with a 72 in 55 minutes and 42 seconds using GRIA Golf’s single length hybrid irons.

More recently, in 2015 Bryson DeChambeau used single length irons from Edel Golf to win the NCAA Championship and US Amateur. PGA TOUR player Matt Dobyns also plays single length irons.

Have single length iron sets been done before?


A Canadian company by the name of Iso-Vibe designed a set a number of decades ago. Tommy Armour came out with the EQL’s in the 1980s. My Ostrich Golf created the PureFit iMatch SLs but are also no longer in production.

More recently, 1Iron Golf, GRIA Golf, Single Swing Golf, and Value Golf all manufacture single length irons. Edel Golf will also be coming out with a set in 2016.

What’s different about the Sterling Irons® single length irons?

In designing Sterling Irons ™, we had had the advantage of both Jaacob Bowden’s and Tom Wishon’s experience, the Internet for research, and modern technology for testing.

Jaacob Bowden has been involved with playing and selling single length irons since 2007 and he knew the single length iron market very well.

Tom Wishon is a 40-year veteran of the golf equipment industry specializing in club head design, shaft performance analysis, and club fitting research and development.

During the initial phases of working together, we scavenged the Internet to find every possible bit of information about what worked and did not work with single length irons. We then compar®entalized the feedback in to buckets and literally sat down at a white board to try to figure out how to retain all the benefits of single length irons while fixing all the problems and common complaints.

We were also able to test all our prototypes with both human testing and robot testing on Trackman, which Tom has at his R&D facility at the Dalton Ranch Golf Club in Durango, CO.

We set out to design a cool-looking, customizable, and competition-legal set of single length irons based off an 8-iron length club (single length irons have historically been built from 5-iron to 7-iron length) that went the distances and trajectories that you’d expect for a set of modern day golf clubs.

We feel like we’ve done it!

The Sterling Irons™ are a huge leap forward in single length iron technology.

Why aren’t the major club manufacturers selling single length irons?

To our understanding, companies aren’t making single length clubs as a result of misguided manufacturing decisions made earlier in the 20th century. Now that thousands and thousands of iron sets have been made this way, consequently we think the modern golf psyche is now so deeply entrenched in the idea that irons have to all be different lengths, that no major manufacturer is willing to take the risk at trying to change the design perception of the entire golf industry. Even though the science supports same length clubs, we’re still stuck where we are because of a mix of stubborn tradition and a business risk that few will take on.

To elaborate more on the risk, one time Jaacob Bowden was talking to the former CEO of a major golf company and they were talking about single length irons…here is what this former CEO said:

“Same length has been done, personally I’ve been a fan but it’s a tough concept to sell. Reality; In the US golf industry there are 6 major chains that buy product that is sold to what constitutes 85% of the market. All but roughly 2-3 % of the rest is sold in golf pro shops and they are influenced by the retailers. The buyers for these major chains only buy what is played on tour and pretty much in order of market share. Like it or not we dance to that tune. To introduce something like single length after investing in the design we’d have to spend millions on marketing and not so minor get tour credibility because no product is successful at retail without it.”

– Anonymous Former Major Golf Company CEO

So even though this guy is personally a fan, the company wouldn’t do it because the buyers for retail stores only buy what’s played on tour…and it would cost too much money to get tour players to play same length despite the good concept!

It’s just about money and risk and not what’s best for the golfer!

How long does it take to get used to the Sterling Irons®?

The answer to that will depend on the person. Some people might start playing better with them immediately. Others may take several weeks or more of practice and play to adjust.

Regardless, we feel the important thing is to be open-minded and give them a chance to work for you. We are confident they can help your game.

How far will I hit the Sterling Irons®?

How far you hit the clubs will also depend.

Someone who swings slower will have tighter distance gaps and won’t hit the ball as far. A faster swinger will have larger distance gaps and have more distance. But mostly the gaps are designed to be somewhere in the 10-15-yard range.

It also depends a bit on the loft of the club. All else being equal, a 45-degree pitching wedge will go farther than a 47-degree pitching wedge. Keep that in mind when comparing these clubs to others you may have hit.

Can the Sterling Irons® be bent?

Yes, they can be bent +/- 3 degrees.

Will you add a 60-degree lob wedge to the set?

Yes, it is planned for release around June 2017.

I was kind of hoping for an all forged head set. Will this be coming in the future?

Similar to conventional iron sets, there can be never be a single design that appeals to all players.

This first generation of Sterling Irons® is primarily targeted towards the 75% of golfers who are swinging a driver between 85-105 mph. That doesn’t mean slower or faster swingers can’t play the set (Jaacob Bowden, who has PGA TOUR level swing speed is playing them).

Anyway, for this group of players, they’ll probably need a little help getting the ball up in the air. That’s partially why the 5 to 7-iron are designed with high COR faces.

However, if enough interest is shown in designing a set targeted more specifically for high swing speed players, we would certainly consider adding a set like this to the line-up.

Why do the clubs have progressive offset?

One of the issues that we observed with traditional single length iron sets was that the lower lofted clubs sometimes had peak shot heights that were too low and the higher lofted clubs were peaking too high.

Tom Wishon had the clever idea of incorporating progressive offset in to the Sterling Irons®. This offset puts the center of gravity a little farther back from the shaft bore centerline which can help increase launch angle.

This helped solve the problem of too low of shots with the lower lofted clubs.

Couldn’t I just cut down my current set of irons to be the same length?

You could but they are not designed to do this.

You would have to add length to your higher lofted clubs as well as grind off weight. On the lower lofted clubs you would need to add a lot of weight.

You would also have to adjust the loft of the clubs to get the right distance gapping, but this could effectively change the bounce of your clubs and create a club that skips or digs too much. Then there’s the problem of achieving consistent peak heights with all the clubs.

On the other hand, the Sterling Irons® are specifically designed to be built with a single shaft length using a single ball position.

Where did the Sterling Irons ™ name come from?

Coming up with a unique and useable name can be surprisingly challenging.

We believe that the Sterling Irons® name was actually the third “final” name.

The idea originally came from the street that Jaacob Bowden and his wife live on in New York City called Sterling Place. We thought it had a nice ring to it, the suggestive nature of the word sterling was good, and it polled well in focus testing. We were also able to get a website URL for it and get the name trademarked.

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